Let me share with you the top 3 things I learnt from Gary Vaynerchuk PLUS win a copy of his new book!

15th of March this year Gary Vaynerchuk flew to Australia for 11 HOURS to speak to a crowd of hungry business owners and Entrepreneurs at the inaugural Business Armageddon event hosted by Glen Twiddle.

Gary Vaynerchuk

First things first, Gary has got to be the MOST caring, empathetic and genuinely good guy that I have ever met. Period. I have met a lot of people at speaking events, trainings and in general, and he is the top of that list. Not only is he humble and a great speaker, his content is off the charts.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of what he spoke about.

1. Attention Is Everything

You need to be where the attention of your market is. It doesn’t matter about what the latest and greatest thing is, it matter where your audience is – and where your audience is GOING to be. For example Gary is on record saying that in 12-18 months time Snapchat will be the biggest portal of attention for people 24-44 in business. So if that’s your market you should be looking at building a following there, according to Gary anyway. By the way you can follow me on Snapchat – @RealKimBarrett – have to walk the talk here! For 99% of people your audience is on Facebook and it’s something that you need to master. Once you master it Gary advocates moving to another platform and then mastering that, but there is absolutely no point in doing 5 things by halves. Do one, dominate it, then move to the next one.

2. Go All In On Your Skill Set 

Find out what you like and what you are good at, and go all in. Period. Some people don’t know what it is they like and what they are good at, so what do you do if that’s you? Gary addressed this pretty simply – try everything and anything you want. There is plenty of time between 7pm and 2am to try painting, marketing, drawing, arts and crafts whatever it is for you! So if you don’t know what you want to do test and try, test and try until you find what it is you like, and then do that. There are people building businesses from all sorts of things, pet rocks, teaching people how to jump higher in basketball, so figure out what you like and what you are good at and go all in!

3. Radio vs TV

TV killed the radio stars. So what is the next change that’s coming? Computers vs Mobile. Computers and laptops are slowly becoming less and less used, and more and more time is being spent on mobile.

So the big question is are you prepared? You don’t spend more than maybe 10 minutes a day without being within arms reach of your phone. Think about it. Unless you are in the shower you can touch your phone at all times. So with this big shift coming in the way that media, content and EVERYTHING is being consumed, how well are you prepared for the mobile revolution? It has been coming for a while, but unless you have ALREADY started action upon this you could very easily be left behind.


So you probably just wanted to see how you can win a copy of the book… right?

It’s simple. Comment below what you are going to implement/research/do after reading the above or consuming ANY of Gary’s content… and then share this article with at least 1 other person on Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter/Snapchat, whatever you desire. We will choose someone who comments below and send you a copy of the new #AskGaryVee Book! Get commenting for your chance to win!