5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Facebook Marketing Perth

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Facebook Marketing Perth Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

For small business owners and entrepreneurs its so easy to just want to through money at advertising, marketing and brand exposure and just seeing what sticks. I want to share with you the top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook advertising so that when you spend your money, its money well spent!

1. Track & Measure – This is essential to everything within your business. You should know how much each lead is worth to you, so that you can allocate a Facebook budget accordingly. If a lead is only worth $2 to you and you spend $4 on Facebook advertising to generate that lead you are losing money. That’s the last thing we want as business owners. You all need to track and measure your ads and the results its getting. If you are generating a huge amount of clicks on your ad but not getting any sales then you know that you need to tweak your landing page or sales copy, and then you can keep optimizing all the components of your sales funnel until you have a funnel that is producing tremendous results
2. Use Dark Posts – Your audience doesn’t want to be bombarded with on page advertising, they come to your page to look for content and information, not to be sold too. Using the unpublished post feature in the power editor of the facebook advertising platform is powerful to allow you to write a whole post and create an ad around it without having it appear on your timeline for your business page.
3. Turn off Ads at Night, Turn them on in the Morning – Facebook will spend your budget over however many hours you have them running for, and for all intensive purposes you want them to be on when the majority of people are online, and get the ad budget allocated during that time instead of in the tiny hours of the morning. Turn adds off before you go to sleep and back on when you wake up.
4. Laser Target your Ideal Client – Having an ideal client is the key to running an effective ad campaign as it allows you to target your audience by gender, age, location, interests, behaviours and so much more! There is no reason to be targeting the whole of Australia and men if your product is Bridal Dresses being sold in the Melbourne CBD. Using the demographics that Facebook provides allows you to have a laser targeted ad campaign that costs you less as well.
5. Get Mentorship – We all have things that we are good at within our business, if Facebook advertising is not your thing reach out and find a mentor, someone that can either create your ad campaigns for you or someone who can teach you how to do it. Make sure that they are currently running Facebook ads themselves and are generating great results, and even better if they are in the same industry as you are, this can be super powerful for you in your business, and everyone needs a good mentor.



1. Stop Wasting Money – Don’t just run Facebook ads to generate page likes or something that doesn’t have a purpose behind it. This is the 21st century and as business owners and marketers everything we do needs to have a purpose, so unless its part of an overarching social media campaign, just stop it.
2. Don’t BOOST Posts – There is no need to boost posts, Facebook allows you to create effective ads through the ad dashboard around any post that you put up on your page, so don’t boost a post, create an ad using the page post engagement option.
3. Don’t Forget Start With The End In Mind – Stephen Covey said it best, start with the end in mind. You want to generate leads and sales for your business so that’s where you need to start with the whole process, how is this ad going to generate you a lead or sale? Its not? Then Don’t do it.
4. Don’t Use Inappropriate Images – This one should go without saying, but what I mean by inappropriate is that its something that’s not relevant to your ideal client. Ask your ideal client, would you click on this image? If not then you need to use something else, something to entice them to click on your link above everything else that pops up on Facebook.
5. Don’t Use Right Side Ads – Most people barely look at the right hand column any more, so your spreading your ad dollars too thin if your advertising to right bar ads, newsfeed on computer and newsfeed on mobile. I recommend sticking to the two later ones, and even then optimizing your sales funnel for one or the other and sticking with that to bring your ad spend down and generate you more leads and sales.

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