How 5 Levels of Marketing Funnel Awareness Can Help Your Business

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Here at Your Social Voice, we speak to A LOT of people daily. One of the major things we come across regularly is that so many business owners do not have a clear marketing strategy! Why is that? What we have identified is that a lot of people know nothing about marketing awareness and how important this is for long term success of your business.

First of all, a funnel. You may not have heard about this term in marketing and if not that’s fine! Essentially in marketing terminology a sales funnel is a marketing system within itself. It is the “ideal” process you would like to take your customers through from prospect to lead to customer to repeat buyer. They ‘funnel’ through these different points in the journey!

Now, marketing funnel awareness! This is the very first level and the most important part of the marketing funnel. This how you identify how people are aware of your product or service in the marketplace. By determining how the audience is aware of your product or service, this will give you an idea on how to introduce or re-introduce your product or service.

How do we gauge the audience’s level of awareness? Here are the 5 levels of awareness.

  1. Unaware – These are the people who have no idea what your product or service is. That are very hard to market as they have no clue how your product or service will be able to help them. To be able to make them aware, you need to introduce your product or service and explain how it can help them.
  2. Problem aware – These are the people who know they have a problem but don’t know what the solution is. In this case, you can present options on how the problem will be solved.
  3. Solution aware – These are the people who know their problem, know they have a solution but cannot determine what it is as they are still weighing them up.
  4. Product aware – These are the people who knows the product or service and have a solution, but they are just weighing up the options they have.
  5. Most aware – These are the people that know what you offer and want to work with you because they know your capabilities or buy your product because they know that it can help them.

Now you know where to fit your clients or customers, this will determine how to start your strategy for every level your client or customer is at. So, if they are unaware of your product or service, maybe introduce your company first and what it does. Or if your clients were in the problem aware group, maybe identify solutions that your company can offer in order to help them.

By knowing what the level of awareness your clients/customers have regarding your business, you can easily determine how to approach or introduce what you can do and how you’ll be able to do it.

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