5 tips to increase YouTube Watch Time

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Do you want to increase watch time for your YouTube videos?

Did you know that an increase watch time can boost your rankings?

In this blog post, I will dive into some simple tips you can use to increase watch time and session time, and ultimately your video rankings.

  1. Create or produce a great content

The digital marketing adage that “content is King” holds some ground, but not so much on YouTube. The Watch Time reigns supremacy in YouTube. Every minute an approximated 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube, thus the competition for attention is fierce, thus the need for your content to stand out.

The content has to be stellar in such a way it makes a viewer or your potential audience to stick around to watch it. If the viewer sticks around for a short amount of time, then it tells YouTube that your content is not that relevant or engaging to your intended audience.

The key to success with YouTube videos is to deliver value to your viewers, thus they will stick around and even consume more of your content. In addition, if your content is epic, your viewers will go extra mile to share it (contributing immensely to your rankings).

  1. Have an epic optimized start

Getting right into the meat of the content right away significantly adds to your video’s watch time. Well-branded, value-packed content that delivers punches right from the start adds to an increase in watch time. On average, the first 30% of videos uploaded on YouTube suck at capturing the attention and interest of viewers, due to the fact that there’s a long unnecessary introduction of content that viewers don’t find appealing or captivating.

To keep your viewers hooked and increasing both your session times and watch times get straight to the point, if your video is meant to answer a specific question or address a specific problem then get straight to the point.

Moreover, keep introductions and greetings short and simple, but maintain the message and the tone of voice of your channel.

Make sure your title and thumbnails gives a clear direction of what your video is all about.

  1. Maintain consistency during the video

Make the tone of your voice is consistent throughout the video. When viewers notice a change in the tone of your voice and pace level, they will click onto the next video. So it’s essential to maintain a pace level and intonation throughout the duration of the video.

The video is a great example of a video with the end well-optimized.

  1. Keep tabs on your performance

Using YouTube analytics will guide you to produce top-notch content. YouTube Analytics is an incredibly powerful you can use to take stock on the performance of your audience. If the data from the tool is used well, it can help improve audience retention.

You can analyze data of your last 5-10 videos with the aim to improve, consequently improving watch time and session time.

If you would like to view the performance of a particular video, go to Analytics>Audience retention.

Here is an example from one of our videos.

The vertical red line represents a fall in audience retention for this particular video. The fall can be contributed to the change in the tone of my voice and pace level of the video. In order to make sound judgment, you should look at your analytics and assess where the dips took place and to what do they correspond to.

The following factors are usually the common causes of drop-offs or dips show in your analytics.

  • Where you start to request your viewers to click to watch another video.
  • Where you start to display lack of focus and veering off-topic.
  • Where you unwind your video.

Alternatively, you can check your analytics and compare YouTube’s average retention rate. Click the “Relative Retention” box to compare the two stats on analytics.



5. Don’t misrepresent your metadata

Humans are inherently conditioned to not abide by rules and regulations, and as such, people tend to opt for hacks and tricks to have their videos ranked in search results and suggested videos. This is usually a way to manipulate YouTube’s algorithm by using metadata with unrelated keywords or tags, however, this is usually a recipe for failure.

Manipulating YouTube’s algorithm so as to appear in the top of search results and Suggested Videos can significantly affect your SEO. In addition, it is a violation of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

I know you’re asking yourself how does such actions affect my SEO and violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines?

This is the scenario.

When a viewer types in the search box on YouTube and find your video appear on the top of search results and he or she clicks it and watches it, and immediately stops watching your video and moves to search another video that is relevant to his or her interest. This scenario will affect your audience retention rates, and even worse, hurt your ability to rank high in search results and Suggested Videos.

So where should I do?

You should place focus on quality views, instead of quantity viewers, that way, traffic will start to flow naturally thus boost rankings. This should be the goal of any owner or manager of a YouTube channel.

Create valuable content increases your audience retention rates and you’re more likely to witness an increase in rankings and appear in Suggested Videos.

Let me wind up…

Adapting these strategies will make your videos start to see an increase in watch time and session times and ultimately boosting your search result ranking as YouTube algorithms interprets your content as of high-quality. Just keep producing high-quality videos and adhere to YouTube’s community guideline and you will notice your search rankings and watching time increase over time.

Keep in mind that by being consistent with these tips and you will reap the benefits over time.

I look forward to your comments and feel free to share with your friends.


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  1. With a new youtube policy where i need to get minimum of 4000 hours watch time it is difficult to gain for youtuber like me hope your points will be helpful i am following this tips from today so i can again enable my youtube revenue gain monetization hope for good thanks for sharing tips

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