7 Tips On How To Standout In The Inbox of Really Busy People

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Since most of your subscribers are very busy, it is unlikely you would assume that all of them in your list would open your newsletter or email when you send it.

We are living in an era where most people are deficit in attention as a result of the demands of the modern life. We are all in some sort of rat race. A race against time. A race to chase our goals and dreams. With this it is difficult to keep up with everything that happening around us. In some extent, we lose focus on some of them, as we juggle with work, family, school, business and everything in between.

According to scientists the era of smartphones has affected the attention span of humans in such a way that they claim that goldfish(an animal known for very short attention span reputation) have better attention span than humans.
With this in mind marketers are faced with the constant challenge of emailing their ever busy subscribers and even worse-to capture their attention in order to perform a certain a call-to-action.

It is for these reasons that this article will equip you with the 7 tips on how to stand out in the inbox of really busy people.

1.Do a research on your subscribers

This is the part where most marketers or business owners dismiss or simply don’t care about, yet it is really vital for the success of your email marketing.

It is important to research your subscribers-to get a deeper connection on what they like, what interests them, what keeps them awake at night among other factors.

A well-researched list of subscribers will provide a marketer with key insights that will make it easier for them to connect with them on a deeper level, thus they view you as a solution and can follow your lead or guidance (whatever you want them to perform). In other words, you become an authority.

Being perceived as authority is a culmination of positioning yourself as a solution; a problem solver to a particular problem or issue affecting your subscribers. This can only be possible if you have carefully and thoroughly done your homework. This means you have got into the head of your prospect.

2.Write an effective subject line that connects with your subscribers

Your subject line should arouse curiosity and contributes in making an instant connection with your subscribers. Your subject line should also communicate value to your subscribers. Since most of your subscribers are busy, the subject line should grab or capture their attention immediately. This will help them to perform the desired action you want with very less friction.
In crafting your subject lines, the success of your email will be based on how well your subscribers have been motivated by your message. Using the research you did on them, you can use that at your advantage. This will make them perceive you as a person or a business that has a genuine connection with them.

3.Exude authority

Humans are hardwired to respect and gravitate towards authority. Human nature is designed to obey and follow to the latter what an authority figure spews and does. It is for this reason that many in the Social media space follow with absolute attention the insights and wisdom of Gary Vaynerchuk famous for his shows Ask Gary Vee show and Gary Vee Daily.

When you’re exuding or displaying authority it is important to do so from a point of providing value. If you’re providing value in terms of putting out or sharing valuable content or resource that aims at helping your audience with a particular problem or issue, then you will be perceived as an authority.
Furthermore, an authority is also tied to his or her accomplishments. It is also vital to add on your email in a humble way your contributions to the marketplace.

4.Send out relevant message or content

Making your broadcast or newsletter to be more relevant to the interests of your recipient who is pretty busy is important. Have this part wrong and your busy recipient will not open or even worse click your link inside your message.

To make sure your message is relevant to them, you have to be clear on why you’re reaching out to them. They have to be clear on why they are receiving your message. This is usually done in the welcome email or the very first emails coming their way.

To add on being relevant, your messaging has to be unique in such a way that it is easier for them to identify your name to an interest or topic that excites them. For example, Tony Robbins is synonymous with personal development or LeBron James is synonymous with basketball. Similarly, your relevancy should tie you to your subject matter or topic.

5.Always show appreciation

Showing your appreciation may be overlooked or perhaps seem obvious but it deepens your connection with your busy recipients. Simply, addressing the fact that you appreciate them finding time out of their busy and hectic schedule to read and respond to your message goes a long way in cementing your relationship with them. It shows that you value and care about them.

Using this principle on your messages will result in them caring enough to open and click your email. You will have a tribe of busy and engaging recipients looking forward to your emails-resulting in high open and click-through rates.

6.Make your message as clear as possible

I know this has been mentioned in some way in the above tips, but it is worth elaborating upon. Besides having a relevant content, laying a strong foundation and strong connection with your busy recipient, it is imperative for your message to be crystal clear. Your busy recipient has no extra brain power and energy to re-read your message or email to grasp your subject matter or topic, therefore it helps to keep your email as clear as possible.

7.Use an appropriate intonation

When emailing busy people you have to speak to them in a similar way you would want others to speak to your or at least address you. The context of your email should have a friendly tone or just a tone that exudes respect, care and love for your busy recipients.

Should I use emojis or profanity on my emails? They should be used in the right context and setting in a way that does not sound disrespectful to your busy recipients. It should be done in such a way that it may not be misunderstood or perceived out of context. The communication style should be friendly, so is your tone and voice.

Now it’s your turn to apply these tips on your emails…

Use these tips to standout in the inbox of your busy recipients. They should help you to capture their attention and ultimately perform a desired action. In today’s fast paced life with attention spans dwindling at an unbelievable rate, it is a necessity for every marketer and/or business owner using email marketing to figure out ways and strategies to stand out; otherwise you wouldn’t get any audience.

Apply these tips on your email campaigns, and we look forward to hear your results and feedback.

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