7 Ways Businesses Can Use Carousel Ads

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Are you a business owner?

Do you Facebook to sell physical products?

Do you want to showcase multiple products on a single ad format or unit?

In case you are wondering what Carousel Ads is? It’s a new ad format introduced by Facebook for businesses to showcase multiple products and links on a single ad unit or format. Carousel ads can be used in both mobile and desktop.

Carousel ads can show up to five clickable images and video in a user’s newsfeed. The product featured in this type of ad will have its own image, description and call-to-action (CTA).

In fact, carousel Ad Format has been widely embraced with most Advertisers, with many happy with the results they are getting from it. Most advertisers are experiencing 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion (CPC) and 20-30% lower cost-per-click in carousel link ads compared to the traditional single-image link ads.

Carousel ad format has had an increase in traction as a result of it being interactive and ability to capture the attention of users on newsfeed.

1. Highlight single or multiple products

This multiproduct ad format can be used to showcase a single product or multiple products. There is also a notion that carousel ads don’t work for single product, however, that’s not the case as Tieks by Gavrieli has proven. Tieks utilize use multiple-product layout to display their only product; women’s flat shoes.

Tieks highlights (see image below) its single product by creatively using a single slide for different segments of the single shoe or item. This creates curiosity among users to click on the next slide to explore what’s the whole product is all about.

2. Share carousel ad format to share resources and articles

Carousel ad format are not only limited to selling products, but also services. Businesses are utilizing this ad type to elaborately explain how their services help potential customers or clients. Precision Nutrition is one such business that has successfully employed carousel ad to share three articles from their website intended for athletes on healthy eating.

The ad led to 50% lower cost per lead compared to the standard link ads, and 50%higher click-through rate compared to the standard link ads. The best part is that the ad was responsible for 6,000 new newsletter signups. Carousel format outperformed the standard link ad in every inconceivable way.

Precision Nutrition

3. Tell a story about your product

The carousel ad format is a perfect format for businesses to tell their stories in a more engaging and interactive way. Pura Vida Bracelets is an ecommerce website from Costa Rica that specializes in customized, handmade bracelets.

Pure Vida Bracelets creatively partnered with Sum Digital to create carousel link ads thatshowcase lifestyle photos of people on th beach together with Pure Vida’s colorful bracelets. In just two months of running carousel ads, the website witnessed orders increase by 4X.

Pure Vida Bracelets

4. Use stories to communicate and engage with your customers

A story adds a human touch to a brand making it easier for your customer to resonate and connect with your product or service on a much deeper level. Stories are one of the powerful and effective ways to indoctrinate your customers.

Project Repat used carousel link ad to sell old t-shirts turned into quilts. Basically, they share photos of their customers receiving and using quilts. The ad was a success as a result of customers sharing the photos with Project Repat once they saw that they could be featured in the ad.

Project Repart

5. Promote your product catalogue

The first thing to keep in mind is that carousel format was created to empower business owners to feature numerous products in a single ad format compared to the standard link ad.

This is far truer, especially in the ecommerce space where various online stores use carousel format to exhibit their product catalogues.

BAI, is a Taiwanese women fashion website that used carousel ad format to increase website traffic to their ecommerce store. They utilize product catalogue to showcase their clothes to target young women on Facebook. Sales and website visitors increased dramatically. Compared to single-image link ads, BAI saw three times increase in clicks, 10% cut down in cost per acquisitions and 30% decrease in cost per click.

BAI carousel ads

6. Show people how your product works

Showing people how to use your product can increase conversion and sales for your product. This is extremely important for new product(s) that require demonstration for potential consumers to get a better understanding of the value of the product.

It is in such cases that carousel ad format is highly effective, compared to the single-image ad link.
Tyme Hair specializes in two-in one curling iron and hair straightened. They used carousel link ad to show how to have perfect curls with their products in a step-by-step utilizing moving panel of their ads.

Tyme hair

7. Show people how your mobile app works

Carousel link ad is effective for illustrating to your potential customer on how to use various features of your mobile app, thus encouraging people to download it. You can use each panel of the carousel link ad to showcase different aspect of your mobile app, thus providing an in-app experience of your app before people are able to download it.

Your Turn

Businesses that utilize these seven methods with carousel ads will drive generally experience decrease in cost per acquisitions, and increase in high click-through rate (CTR) and conversions and sales. However, some of these methods or way will depend with the nature of your business. In overall, your business will benefit from increase in reach, engagement and decline in cost per acquisitions.

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