3 Ways To Turn Facebook Fans Into Subscribers

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3 Ways To Turn Facebook Fans Into Subscribers

What do you think would happen with all your hard-earned Facebook fans if the giant social network would collapse tomorrow? Would you be able to contact your fans and continue your relationship with them?

You won’t, unless you “transfer” those fans over to your email list – the single most important online asset you really have. If Facebook goes down for whatever reason, so are your contacts, unless you do something about it: turn your fans into email subscribers.

Here are three ways you can do it:

  1. Add An Email Opt-In Form To Your Facebook Page


One of the easiest ways to invite your fans to subscribe to your e-mail list is to have an opt-in form right inside your Facebook Page. You can use Aweber’s Web Form Tool and follow these step-by-step instructions to add the form to your page. This tool will automatically enter the name and email address of a page visitor, as long as they are logged in to Facebook.

Using a web form inside your Facebook page allows your fans to subscribe to your list without touching their keyboards to paste in their contact details. The less input on their part, the higher the conversion rates.

Plus, emails collected this way are more likely to be valid, since the address provided by Facebook through the registration form is the same one that your fans are using to sign up for their Facebook account.

  1. Pin Newsletter Content To Your Timeline

Pinning email content to the top of your Timeline is another great way to drive social fans to your newsletter. Allowing them to sample your exclusive content removes their skepticism of joining one more newsletter. People dread being flooded with sales copy in their inboxes, so respect their virtual real estate.

Showing them the type of content they would get by joining your newsletter can bridge the gap between Facebook’s playground and yours. Share only a small preview of your exclusive content and encourage your fans to sign up for your newsletter if they want to read the whole story.

  1. Host A Contest On Facebook 


Another way to increase your e-mail opt-in rate is to host a Facebook contest that requires an email registration. Facebook contests are great for engaging with fans and collecting their contact details.

Heyo is a service that can do Facebook contests, promotions and lead capture pages. You can setup your promotion in less than ten minutes and it works great with all the main email autoresponder services and looks amazing on mobile devices.

Using Heyo’s contest templates, you can connect the opt in form you’re your email marketing platform to easily manage your Facebook contest opt ins.

An extra benefit of using Facebook contests is that when people enter, it will show up on their timeline and also in their friends’ feeds, which leads to more eyeballs on your page.


Final Thoughts

These are the easiest ways to get started converting your Facebook fans to email subscribers. Make it easy for people to see the benefits of joining your email list, they don’t want to have yet another sender in their already crammed inboxes.

Let them know that you’ll send out interesting information, exclusive content, giveaways, so they’d want to stay in touch with you and wait for your next email.

Give these a try and come back to this post and share which method has worked best for you.


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