5 Steps To More Facebook Page Engagement

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Are you having a hard time engaging your Facebook fans and getting them to interact with your content? Here are five easy ways you can spice up your engagement and encourage your fans to like, share and comment on your content:


  1. Hold A Weekly Event


Statistics show that once a person has liked your Facebook page, the chances of them returning to your page are as low as 2-3%. So a great way to get them back to your page and encourage them to share your activity is to hold a weekly event.


Hold themed days: Mondays could become “SuperFan Mondays” where you invite one of your most active fans to promote their business on your page; Wednesdays could be “The Expert’s Day” when you invite an expert in your niche to answer a quick question from the audience; etc. Ideally, you should develop 2–5 themes per week, so you have consistent posts your fans look forward to seeing.



  1. Mention Other People’s Pages


Use the Facebook @mention feature to mention other Facebook pages in your status updates. Grab the attention of other business owners and their followers to attract goodwill and build a community. The stronger your online community, the more chances you get for receiving mentions on other people’s pages and feedback.



  1. Ask & Respond To Questions


Your fans want to be part of a strong community. Asking them questions about different topics related to your products and services helps to engage them and boost their interest in your content.



Listen to their feedback and try to reply every time you can add value to the conversation. And pay attention as you might pick up some nuances of their pain points that you can later address in a blog post, podcast or your next Facebook post.


  1. Lots Of Photos


A study done by Socialbakers.com revealed that posts with photos have a huge 87% higher interaction rate. You can easily create your own digital assets by handpicking beautiful photos from free photo sharing sites and “prettifying” them using a service like Canva. You can use quotes, coupons, promotions, invitations to attract more leads and keep your audience engaged.








  1. Use Emoticons


Did you know that Facebook posts that have emoticons get 52% higher interaction rates? In fact, the posts that use emoticons have a 57% higher ‘Like’ rating and a 33% higher comment rate. Increase your sharing chances by adding one of the many smiley faces seen on instant messaging platforms, as well.


Summing Up


Ultimately, if you want people to share and comment your posts, just ask. When you ask your audience to share and “Like” your content, people are 7 times more likely to hit that button. The next time you post your story, ask people to interact with your content. Just by asking for the share, you can expect a 3 fold increase in Likes. It’s that easy!


The more engagement you have on your wall, the more of your fans will see it. The more people that see your posts, the more likely you can reach a wider audience and increase sales. Try these tactics for 7 techniques and see if you get more interaction. Engage with your fans and they will respond see what works for you and your business, then rinse and repeat.

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