7 Smart Ways To Use Facebook Hashtags

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The potential use of Facebook hashtags is endless. Here are 7 smart ways to use hashtags and to start optimizing your Facebook posts with hashtags:


  1. Know Your Audience


Find out what hashtags people use to discuss topics in your niche and simply listen. Browsing through hashtags allows you to see people’s content and also the comments of others. It helps you know what topics are trending, what others are thinking about and gauge whether sentiment is positive or negative regarding certain topics.


Check out this interactive tool to discover trending hashtags.


  1. Promote Your Content


Promote a post, contest or campaign by including hashtags to every post, so people who are searching for the same hashtags can find your contest or campaign and interact with it. Also, compelling your audience to take photos and upload them with a hashtag is another cool way to raise more buzz and engagement for your business.

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  1. Be Consistent In Your Communications


If you are using hashtags in a marketing campaign on Twitter or Instagram, start including the same hashtags in your Facebook posts. This makes it easier to broadcast a consistent, cohesive message across all social outlets.


  1. Leverage Hashtag URLs


Every hashtag on Facebook has its own unique URL (https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/yourkeyword). Use it to save your hashtag searches, to keep an eye on the ones you’re interested in, or share the Facebook URL to get readers to join conversations on specific topics.


  1. Engage Your Fans


Using niche keywords as hashtags will keep your existing fans engaged and will provide them a tool to help share your content. Encouraging your audience to use and share specific hashtags will be critical if you want to spread your message to other highly targeted customers.

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  1. Significant SEO Benefits


Currently, when people look up a #hashtag for a business, celebrity or brand, Twitter results will be the first ones listed. However, neither Twitter nor Google+ has the ability to get the same level of details from their users as Facebook does.


Adding #hashtags to your posts could lead to more traffic to your Fan page and place yourself more easily into a wider pool of consumers. Not to mention the increased chances for generating or participating in exciting conversations with prospective clients.

  1. Discover New Trends


Once you discover a popular hashtag that’s related to your niche, use it in your updates. This will enable you to create more exposure for your posts. If you don’t know what some hashtags mean, you can look them up at Tagdef.com and use the ones related to your niche. What the Trend is a useful service that makes it easy to discover trending hashtags.


Want to know what people talk about regarding Celine the Lion? Simply enter #CecilTheLion into the search bar and dive into the live streams of news and updates.


Final Thoughts


Hashtags are a great way to build community around subjects related to your business. They provide a way to centralize and contextualize conversations and keep your fans connected. Ultimately, your goal for using hashtags is to expand your reach and strengthen your authority in your niche.


Two key pointers to keep in mind:


  • Capitalize the first letter of each keyword in a phrase (e.g. #InternetMarketingTips)
  • Don’t use more than 2-3 hashtags per post, otherwise you’ll seem spammy and be ignored.


Have you used hashtags in your Facebook campaigns? Do you use them more for search or do you also include them in your posts? We’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations, so leave your comments in the section below.

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