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Simplify Your Mobile Lead-Gen Process With The New Facebook Lead Ads

Building an email list is at the heart of any sustainable business. Now, with the majority of Facebook users checking in via mobile, it makes sense to run lead gen offers on mobile devices. But everyone knows it’s a pain filling forms on mobile, so Facebook came up with a new type of newsfeed ads that would address this problem.

A New Streamlined Lead Gen Experience

Facebook has begun testing this new ad set unit called Lead Ads, which allows marketers to collect new leads using pre-populated forms. Just imagine having your prospects being able to fill out your next lead gen offer in two simple steps:



The new Facebook ads allow your prospects to signup to your offer with two simple taps:

  • Hit the call-to-action button (e.g. “Subscribe”)
  • Confirm by clicking the “Submit” button.

Usually, the more information requested, the fewer forms are completed. But with these pre-populated forms, Facebook attempts to minimise the work involved and maximise lead gen automation.

Plus, in order to get prospects to a traditional landing page, marketers would have to create link posts and convince prospects to click through, read the copy and enter their information in exchange for their offer.

The leaks come in various forms:


  • Users may not want to click a link and leave Facebook.
  • The load time of a landing page may be slow, turning them off, thus abandoning the form.
  • The information on the landing page may be long and boring.
  • The marketer may be asking for too much information, which would also turn people away.


The new ad units are still in testing and they will be rolled out for mobile only (at first). The reason for mobile being first is that even though there are high CTRs on mobile, the conversions are still low. It’s a lot easier to complete forms on a desktop than on mobile.

What Could Go Wrong?

Some people have already expressed some concerns regarding the quality of the leads collected via the new ad units. Given the easiness of subscribing to offers, users might not be as committed as they would be if they’d complete the form via a landing page, diligently reading the copy and then verifying their email address.

Two possible solutions for marketers:

  • Create a separate list for these new leads
  • Offer entry-level offers

Once you get these leads into your system, you can work your way to nurturing them and moving them higher into your funnel. This might be the optimal solution for a new business looking to collect leads for lower-priced products.

Final Thoughts

The new Facebook Lead Ads will be interesting to watch and test. From a user standpoint, these might work better than having to leave the site and manually fill out a sign-up form. People can subscribe to your offer within Facebook and then return to their networking experience.

Bottom line, the less intrusive your ads, the happier your audience. The new type of marketing is contextual, so respect people’s feeds and they will surely stick around!


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