Four Key Updates In The New Facebook Ads Manager

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Four Key Updates In The New Facebook Ads Manager

A few days ago, Facebook announced significant changes to the Ads Manager and the Power Editor, in an attempt to simplify the advertising process. The major improvements to the ad interface are great news for advertisers who can create, optimize and monitor their campaigns easier than ever before.

The simplified dashboards and new functions will make life easier for millions of advertisers worldwide who will get better results with less friction on each campaign.

Here are the four key changes you should know about:

  1. Front Page Custom Ad Reports

The interface of Ads Manager becomes more effective with the inclusion of ad metrics. The new improvements will bring the ad metrics within the same interface where ads are being crunched and monitored.

Being able to see instantly what is working in terms of gender, age and ad placement – without needing to split these elements within multiple campaigns – is a huge relief for advertisers.


  1. New Reporting Capabilities

The “Manage Ads” tab inside the Ads Manager shows the account’s amount spent over the previous week. Now, you can drill down into a campaign, ad sets or single ad units and see a graph with the performance, audience and results.


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Advertisers can select the date range as well as performance data, based on ad objectives, metrics, delivery status and more. The best thing about this update is that it allows is advertisers to automatically save & send reports at specific intervals, instead of needing to handle the reports manually.

  1. Bulk Ads Editing

The Ads Manager interface also gets the much awaited Power Editor-type features of bulk editing. Advertisers can create and manage multiple ads at the same time, expediting the creation and editing time.

Bulk editing includes changing the targeting or budget of multiple ads simultaneously. Also, the “Create similar” feature allows advertisers to easily duplicate ad, ad sets or campaigns.

  1. Power Editor Makeover

Besides the Ads Manager facelift, the Power Editor gets a browser plug-in developed by Facebook (for agencies) that helps advertisers to manage and bulk-edit their ads.

The updated version of the plug-in includes a bigger and more efficient dashboard for ad creation, as well as an upgrade to the advanced search and bulk editing function, which makes it easier to handle existing ads and create new ones.

Summing Up

These updates will allow advertisers to quickly dive into the main campaign details right from the Reports layout and access ad metrics that are most relevant to their key performance indicators.

If you run Facebook ad campaigns, the new improvements will help you test variables properly and a lot easier. If you have waited on the sidelines, now it’s the time to get started rolling out some Facebook ads for your business.

Regardless the size of your advertising budget, testing your market with Facebook ads has never been more accessible. Now you can test and optimize at a deeper level, split test and find the right mix of ad copy, image and headline for each specific segment on your niche.

What are your thoughts so far on the new Facebook updates? We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below.

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