How To Activate Your Social Media Fans With Better Call-To-Actions

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Are your social media fans responding to your updates the way you’d want them to? If not, chances are you need stronger calls to action to get your fans to do what you’d like them to and boost your social media marketing to give you the results you want.

Here are four pointers to help you optimize your social media calls-to-action and be more effective at engaging with prospects:

1. Make Your Offer Clear.

The biggest call-to-action mistake is a lack of details. If people are confused about what you want them to do (and why), they’ll throw your offer aside. People always ask “what’s in it for me?” and you should make them an offer they can’t refuse. Don’t just say “Buy now” or “Click here”. Tell them what they’re going to get in exchange of their contact or credit card information. Make them excited about what awaits them on the other side.


2. Use Action Words.

Using action words and adverbs will increase click-through rates. If you want your audience to do something, include more verbs and adverbs, instead of nouns or adjectives. Another great way to create dynamics is to ask questions that speak directly to your prospects’ needs, wants or interests. The more specific and bold your question is, the more answers you will get.


3. Just Ask.

You won’t believe how many businesses never actually ask for what they need. They mistakenly assume that the goal of any social media status is to stay in touch with their fans. While this is indeed a big part of your activity, the ultimate goal is to get people closer to the sale – today.

If you want people to share your content, click through and register for your event, make that purchase, make it dead simple for them. Infuse a sense of urgency (e.g. “Today only”) to motivate them to act fast. Too many options require thinking and people won’t act. Your goal is to guide them to action.

Examples of social media actions:

– Tweet this
– Like us on Facebook
– Follow on Twitter
– Share (offer multiple options)
– Digg this
– Vote

If you want to experiment with different calls-to-action, run an A/B tests and see what makes more difference for you.


4. Follow-Up.

Business is always about people and relationships and your job is to dig down and help people reconnect to their core values. Show people where their values match your company’s values and ask them to invest in them.

Make people feel as if they are being part of something greater than themselves and not just buying more stuff. People who have bought from you once are most likely to do it again if you ask them. So post regular updates to show them that they made a smart choice in buying from you the first time and that you can be trusted with more money in the future.

Final Thoughts

Social media calls-to-actions are a must in any social campaign. They nudge people to make an action that can be measurable. When your calls-to-action are in alignment with your business goals, then you can reap the benefits of your social media campaigns and meet your business objectives.

What are your thoughts? What CTAs are you currently using in your used social media campaigns?

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