How To Boost Your Online Visibility With Social Media Optimization

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If you’re looking to boost your online visibility, then adding SEO to your social media marketing will help you reap better results for your business. A keystone of SEO is keyword analysis –discovering what your prospects are really looking for.

You can use keywords in your Facebook posts, your LinkedIn profile, your tweets and even in the titles and descriptions of your YouTube videos. Tools like Google Trends help you discover hot topics and fuel your social media campaigns.


Here are some tips on how to use SEO to increase your social media ROI:

1. Listen To What’s Being Said.

Good listening means using social media channels to gather, sort and interpret information about your target audience. Where do your prospects like to spend their time online? Is it Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube? Or forums, blogs or social news and bookmarking sites?

Social media is mostly about networking, which means getting to know you audience, listening to their conversations, finding pain points and sharing content that would be most helpful to them. Optimizing your social media content is a great way of having your content discovered as the search engines use social feedback (e.g., Likes, Shares, Retweets, Views, etc.) into their ranking algorithms.

Some useful tools:

  • SocialMention – Real-time social media search and analysis
  • HowSociable – Social visibility score that measures your popularity
  • SemRush –Find competitor organic search rankings

Monitoring tools are not only great for listening, but also to discover the social impact of your optimized content on the social web.


2. Mingle.

Find out what your audience does on social media sites. How do they find, consume and share information? What influences them to make a purchase? Try to grow your fan base organically – spend 20-30 minutes each day to comment, add friends, follow, like and send out updates. There is no substitute for engagement when it comes to expanding your network.

Expand the circles where you can promote optimized content and try to reach more and more people that notice, share and upvote your content. The higher the exposure, the more subscribers, fans and followers interact with your content. The more interaction you get from your fans, the more links and targeted traffic returns to your site.


3. Keep Score And Optimize.

To calculate a return, you must make your investment measurable. Usually, Time is the most obvious indicator, but it’s quite difficult to estimate the time spend with one tweet here, one Facebook status update there, A LinkedIn friend request etc. But once you know your investment costs, you can take a look at returns.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, it’s not about how many fans & followers you collect, but rather how many you convince and convert. Once you get better at measuring your efforts on social media, you can expand the impact of your social voice beyond the profit & loss and grow your business and become more competitive.

When you’ve identified the pros and the cons of your initial strategy, you can fine-tune your social media marketing campaign knowing there is nothing left unchecked in terms of research and testing.

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