How To Laser-Target Your Ads To Specific Customers On Facebook

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While Facebook offers many advertising possibilities, I want to show you one of the well kept secret of online marketers. This technique alone can have an immediate impact on your business in more than one way. Do not underestimate the power of this simple technique. It is one of the most powerful targeting hacks you’ll ever read.

So here it is:

Step 1: Identifying Your Perfect Client

Facebook’s search function is probably one of it’s most unknown and underrated features. Too few people know that Facebook is the largest “personal data search engines” offered to everyone for free.

So what can this do for you? Well, it allows you to search for and discover your ideal customer. Let’s say that you run a photography business and you want to attract more customers. This technique will help you find those people that have a high probability of matching well with your style, your personality and your price.

Let’s say that you’re shooting weddings and one way to find more customers (well… brides) is to look through the list of engaged women in your area and narrow them down using various filters. This will allow you to create custom ads that will not only attract the women you’d love to work with, but also allows you to offer them exactly what they are looking for.

Here is an example of search using Facebook’s Graph Search. We’re looking for “engaged women named Maggie, who are currently living in Los Angeles, California”.

blog 29.1

This becomes your starting point from where you being this powerful and yet underutilized technique. As with any kind of marketing, you need to find the right group of people who would be passionate enough to buy your product or services. It’s important to get into their heads and study the demographics of the niche that you are targeting.

Step 2: Discovering Facebook IDs

From here on, you’ll focus on acquiring Facebook IDs for each person at a time. This method can be “rinsed and repeated” as many times as you’d like. It’s highly effective when applied to one person at a time and is worth every dollar and the time spent on it because of the massive ROI it produces.

Once you’ve selected the person you’d like to reach out to in order to bring exposure of your services to them, all you have to do is click on their name and open their page:

blog 29.2

Now, here is the secret: look for that URL box, with the “…” and simply substitute the “www” for the word “graph”:

blog 29.3

That number you see highlighted on top of the page, that’s the person’s Facebook User ID. Simply copy it to a notepad file and then repeat the process until you get at least 20 people with one ID per line. The reason you need at least 20 IDs is because Facebook recognizes a “Custom Audience List” of at least 20 people.

Step 3: Create A Custom Audience

Once inside your Facebook Ads Manager, go to the “Audience” section and click on the “Create New Custom Audience”. Select the option “Data File Custom Audience” and select the notepad file you saved with your list of 20 IDs. Within minutes, you new Custom Audience is ready to be used. Now your ad will be shown only to these super targeted prospects from your list.

Summing Up

This less-known targeting technique will allow you to quickly grow your customer base with highly targeted people and a huge ROI. You are now able to create Facebook ads, targeted and customized to a select group of people and be in full control of who you are getting in touch with.

The ad formats proven to perform best are Newsfeeds ads. Yes, you could use sidebar ads, but in time it’s been tested that you can get more conversions with Newsfeed ads because they are larger and entice people to click on them more easily.

Ideally, you should start small with $5-$10 / day and create 2-3 ads within a campaign to see which ads get the most engagement. Until you test, you can never know which colors, ad copy and graphics your target audience will click on. So start with no more than $10 / campaign and gradually scale your campaign based on the results.

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