How To Leverage Hashtags To Grow Your Instagram Audience

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Do you want to grow your reach on Instagram?

Do you want more people to engage with your content on Instagram?

Are you fully taking advantage of Instagram hashtags?

Using hashtags correctly make it easier for your instagrammers to look for your instagram posts or content resulting in growing your reach.

Why should I care about using Hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram is a powerful photo and video sharing social network with over 400 million active users. On average 80 million photos are posted on a daily basis, generating well over 3.5 billion in the process. This proves that Instagram is a behemoth platform thus should add to your marketing mix.

How can a business owner or a brand tap into 3.5 billion daily likes? leveraging hashtags. Hashtags are the virtual currency powering Instagram content. As such they should be part of Instagram marketing arsenal.

To increase the number of followers organically, hashtags are must have necessity. Hashtags allows you to expand the reach of your audience, thus resulting in an increase in your reach.

To effectively use hashtags you can conduct a market research for your market or niche and connect with people whom you share specific interests. This will enable you to organically target your audience; attracting the right audience for your product or service.

Now that you have a clear grasp of the importance of hashtags and how they should be part of marketing strategy on Instagram, here is how you can effectively utilize them for your brand or business.

1.Leverage popular or trending hashtags
Using trending hashtags is a sure-way of developing awareness and presence for your business or brand. There are tons of trending hashtags you can utilize.

Here is a just a couple of popular trends:

#me: This hashtag has been used by more than 290 million posts.
@askaaronlee leveraged #me for his new headshot.

2.Utilize popular themed hashtags

To spruce up some fun into your marketing, themes can also be part of the equation. You can utilize trending themed hashtags for your instagram posts.

#happy: you can use this hashtag to tag happy moments for your company or brand. This hashtag may only consist of happy moment themes to fire up your followers.

#fun: This hashtag can be used to capture fun moments such as a company’s team building event, celebrating anniversary for your business etc.
You can see how @mo danielle used the #fun hashtage for her image below.

3.Sharing hashtags with inspirational quote
Using inspirational quotes are a great method for getting interaction and engagement for your visual content. Inspirational quotes works well on Instagram. You can use image tools such as Canva to create high-quality inspirational quote images to share with your community. Here below are some of the hashtags you can use for your inspirational quotes.
#quoteoftheday: You can use this inspirational hashtag alongside your quote posts. The best way to go about it is to create an editorial calendar incorporated with your plan for inspirational quotes to share out through the week leveraging this hashtag.

: This hashtag can be used along your inspirational quote. Moreover, you can you can boost your client engagement by tagging posts and sharing interesting posts with other users.

4. Communicating with your audience on what you are doing NOW

This can be a clever way of making your Instragram account fresh and motivating to other users. Engaging with your audience in real-time is a cool way to keep you in front of your audience, thus creating a deeper intimacy between your brand, product or service with them. In addition, it’s a great way to balance fun and business which further solidifies your following on this social channel.

Some of the Instagram accounts that have used this principle successfully include:
#amreading: This hashtag is all about sharing an interesting book.

#amwriting: This is an interesting hashtag for authors or blogpost writers. It helps build enthusiasm for your next writing.

5. Drive Traffic to your website or blog

Hashtags are effective way of driving traffic to your website or blog. For instance, you can a hashtag to promote a new blogpost or communicate to your instagram audience that you’re working on a new blogpost.

#blogging: You can take a snap of the content you are writing about or even a keyboard. This is a great way for sharing what you’re writing on in a particular moment.


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