How To Skyrocket Your Facebook Marketing With These 3 Tips

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skyrocket facebook marketing

Mindblowing! Facebook has yet again shown impressive numbers this 2015. Check out these stats:

With these impressive figures, there’s no reason for any marketers or business owners to doubt the kind of boost that Facebook marketing can bring to their business.

While there are a plethora of things that marketing in Facebook can help you with, right now, we will focus on lead generation.

Because of the inherent features, that the platform has, it can easily be touted as one of the best lead generating tool for your business. And if you aren’t quite familiar how to use Facebook for just that, I’ll share with you these 3 Facebook marketing tips that will help skyrocket your leads.

1) Use contests.

The gist is, you’ll run a contest with your Facebook community, and make signing-up with their email, name, and contact info (among many others), as the qualification for them to be able to join.

The game plan seems pretty straight-forward, right? Because the truth is, it actually is. That about summarises the whole strategy.

However, despite how simple the strategy is, a lot of businesses tend to fail when using this lead generating method.

Just to make sure that you don’t fall within the same category as them, I need you to keep in mind these two very critical tips when running contests.

  1. Make sure that your contests’ prize is extremely valuable to your audience. If you fail to ascertain this, then don’t even bother running a contest; no one will probably join.
  2. Instead of just asking them to sign-up, mix in other qualifications as well like asking them share your contest to their connections, or buying your products (among many others). The former will help increase the chances of your contest becoming viral, while the latter can help you with straightup sales. Awesome, right!

If you keep these two tips in mind, you should see really good results with your Facebook contest.

2) Add a strong sense of mystery on your headlines.

Think along the lines of how,, or is crafting their headlines. Their headlines are such a click magnet, right?

I chalk that up to how they added a sense of mystery to their posts’ titles. Allow me to share with you some samples of their headlines:

  • How People Reacted To A Board Covered In Money Will Make Your Day
  • They Thought This Little Baby Was Injured Beyond Saving…Until She Did This!
  • These Kids Aren’t Just Playing Soccer. They’re Doing Something Even Cooler

Note – I took all of these titles from

Crafting your posts’ headlines in this manner will without a doubt generate clicks. At that point, all you need to do is to make sure that you have a landing page that’s highly optimized for sign-ups, so you can turn your website visitors into leads.

3) Use one call-to-action per landing page

Adding several call-to-actions on your landing page is quite tempting, simply because all of us wants to get as much mileage as we can from our website visitors.

However, I urge you to do the exact opposite.

Actually, marketers who are worth their salt will advise you the same thing. Adding more than one CTA on your landing page can really hurt you.

If you make them signing-up with their contact info as your call-to-action, don’t instruct them to share, or comment on the content of your page.

It will simply confuse them, which can easily lead them to just ignore your CTAs.


Facebook is hands-down one of the best platforms that you can use to grow your leads. While there are a plethora of Facebook marketing methods that you can use to do just that, I strongly suggest that you start with the three tips that I shared above.

Why, you might as? Simple. They are proven and tested to work!

If you need help with growing your leads using Facebook marketing, then you can book in a time to contact me here.

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