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Hey guys, so now we’re going to check out the Power Editor. As it loads up, so we’ll show you the layout of it, but then also jump in and see how the setup a new ad within there as well. So it’s all laid out very, very nicely now. Instead of having these drop downs you’ve got Manage Ads, Audiences, Image Library, Reporting, Page Posts, again, Tools as well, Conversion Tracking. Basically everything that’s in Ads Manager. So before you were having to come here and select Create a Page post, now it’s just very simple so you go into setup a ad per say. There you go.

Young & Wildly Successful. If you’re going to create an ad, again same as you did before, but just come to Page Posts now, Create Post Link, and then you follow the process as you did before. So filling in the URL with any page URL, putting in your copy, learn more, headline, you’re link display, description, and obviously your image. Fill in all those details and bang! You’re good to go. Create the post and you have your most recent post created there.

We’re just going to play off the premise that this was the most recent one we just created. So this is great. We’re going to promote that one as our… if we are to be doing it, so we go into there. That’s fine. So that’s how you go in there and create that page post now. Back to Manage Ads as per everything. You guys will only have one account so it will be a little bit simpler for you, you come in here and you have your Campaign title here. So the best thing now which allows… it shows you the breakdown.

So it’s like this is the top of the funnel and distills down into your ad sets and your ads. Makes it very simple, but normally you come in, you’ve got all these campaigns, you got everything going on, you’re like, “What’s happening, what happening?” So all you want to do now is click on it and at the top here it says Campaigns Apply. It gets rid of everything else apart from that one campaign. So it’s very simple for you to follow along with and look at. So you just go “Yep, this looks great.” Very, very simple. Simple, simple process.

So then all you have to do is then you go click on there and the only ad sets that are showing are the ones for that campaign. Very, very simple, and then again the same for ads, the only ones are showing directly to that campaign. So it allows you if you want to duplicate things, if you go, “Yep, this campaign is working well. I want to duplicate the ad sets.” So click on here, click duplicate and it will create the exact same ad set and the ad you’re using as well. So it allows it very, very fast, fast usability. Duplicate it and then just change the audience that you’re targeting, so it’s very, very simple.

If we were just to go in again from the very start and we’re just creating a new campaign, same as you did before. Test campaign, go to website conversions, as I said again we want to do website conversions, we will do website clicks and the ad set level, but the reason why is because if we set that as the campaign objective to start off with we can track and test and measure and it will show us what’s converting and the value of it. Which is what we always want to know as we know what to scale up, what to turn off.

So to set the conversions is still the same. Look at the new setup in the Ad Manager window to find how to get the conversion pixel, but it’s exactly the same setup and install as in the other video. Just letting you see the layout’s changed slightly. So, go down there and we create our test campaign. Again, I don’t care about anything else, I’m just going to apply the test campaign so everything else gets hidden away for me. Brilliant. Ad Set, same as you would normally create your Ad Sets, so we want to use Test Adset and we created our pixel before, following the pixel tracking video. This one is we’re doing an event. Event registrations, that’s great.

Select that and then it allows me to do my targeting in here. So I’ve got my daily budget set, my audience: Australians. Edit my audience, this is where I can add in my interests. Audience 18 to 65. And again my interests, so I’m going to target Tony Robbins, Success Magazine, all that whatever interest I decide that my clients want, great. We’ll save that and then we just want to look at the bottom, obviously, the placement. Predominantly, you want to be going with purely mobile. Mobile is going to be the best. So we delete everything else off, and we just want to double check our optimization and pricing optimized for. Now it’s a little bit different when it comes to Facebook, so we’re going to go for clicks. So we go for website clicks and one second someone’s at the door.

Apologies there, I paused for a second. So yeah, we want to optimize for clicks and then again here setting the bids. So this allows us to bid for clicks, but still track the conversions that we’re getting. So in here it says 0.98 cents. We always want to bid just so Facebook puts us out first because this is an auction system. So if you think about it, if you’re going, “I’m going to bid 70 cents or 42 cents is the lowest, 73.” Who are you going to take serious? The person who bids 42 cents, 73 cents, 98 cents or the person that bids $1.05?

So I would be bidding $1.05. It doesn’t certainly mean you will pay that amount, but Facebook puts you out first because you’re like, “I’m serious. I’m the big gun here. I’m going to bid.” So, you’re gonna optimize for clicks and you want to put your bid the highest bid, so you want to go about five cents higher than what the maximum range is here. So if you do that, you’ll be put out first. This just so we can follow an example, I’ll put this as $1.03. As you can see $0.98 so I’ll go five cents above that.

My bid’s $1.03 for that and then I’ve done that. So guys [inaudible 00:06:09]. First I set up my campaign, then I set up my ad set, put in my targeting, so I set my targeting if you want to do different interest, I just duplicate that campaign… duplicate the ad set, sorry, keep the same campaign, create, duplicate, this is going to be Ad Set- Interest 2. My second interest is going to be in there, and then again if you’re just testing five, one, two, three, four, five, test them out. Then you go into your ad, create the ad which is going to be a clickable to that test ad set.

So then we go in Ad Image 1 for example. Create that ad image within there and then what we have to do is just tie that into our business account, our business page Young & Wildly Successful. As I said using the most recent post that we did here which was that one that we set and that is all there. Good to go. As we said that was the one, that was the post we created. Imagine it was actual ad for our ad campaign. That’s it, and then all we have to do is click. I won’t click it because it’s not going to be pretty. Upload changes and you’re done, so very, very simple process guys.

They’ve made it as foolproof as possible and again I think it just looks nicer having the ability to just apply that particular ad set or campaign just make it easy to follow along with and duplicate. So that’s the new Power Editor, that’s the new way to set up your process or the ads and it just makes it look nice and pretty geographically. Not geographically, sorry. Graphically speaking, yeah, that’s it. So that’s it for Power Editor. Any questions, feel free to ask and hit me up. Thanks guys.


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