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We want to share with you how you can setup your Facebook page for success.

What makes you follow and stay in touch with your favourite Facebook pages? Is it their consistent posting, interesting topics, other’s people engaging comments, the page owners’ replies?

And what happens to the many other pages you’ve “liked” on Facebook, but whose content simply got buried or forgotten because their posting schedule simply wasn’t consistent enough?

The secret to running a successful Facebook page is to consistently post interesting, funny and useful information and attract new people to your page. You can do this systematic work by setting up a monthly editorial calendar.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

To help you manage your day to day tasks, you need to follow a structure and a posting calendar. A Facebook editorial calendar will help you systematize your weekly tasks and schedule some of the posts in advance, research interesting content and be more consistent with your posting.

Buffer is a free social media management tool that allows you to schedule your activities for your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn accounts. This tool also lets you monitor Facebook streams, including Newsfeed, Most Recent, News Feed Photos, News Feed Videos, Events, etc.

How To Create a Facebook Calendar

You can use this simple editorial calendar template to brainstorm ideas and organise your Facebook and Twitter posts in a more visual way:


setup facebook page

setup facebook page

To make sure you get things done, schedule your daily tasks using this simple plan:

Here is what you need to do to get organised:

  1. Define your goals.

 Define your goals for each month. It can be anything from gaining 100 more fans, engaging people and increasing interactions.

  1. Post frequency.

Decide how many times a day you will post and write that down in your calendar. You can post 3-4 times a day or once a day – it all depends on how much interaction you get from your fans. If you’re posting twice a day and not getting much feedback, you might want to dial it down and maybe re-think your content.

  1. Choose your theme.

Choose a theme for each day you are posting. You don’t want to link back to your own site every day and annoying your fans with overly promotional or boring content. You want to make sure you keep your audience engaged with fun, themed posts that encourage comments and sharing.

For example, every Monday you post your weekly specials, deals or coupons, on Tuesdays you post an inspiring story or quote from a leader in your industry, on Wednesdays you post a new article from your blog, on Thursday you engage your fans with a poll. Make Fridays infographic days, where you turn relevant data in your niche into nice visuals.

  1. Write your posts in advance.

Create all your posts for the week in advance. Write the post text and add the link or media content, such as video or photos.

  1. Track your results.

Keep an eye on the interactions with your posts via “likes” and “comments”. This will allow you to see which type of content is best received and which should be removed from your calendar.

Summing Up

 Always remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. You want to create relationships with your fans, you want them to keep coming back to your page, share your content and eventually buy your products and services.

You want them to trust you with their time and money. So respect them and only share the best content you can find, tell them good stories and give them good reasons to share your posts and leave a comment. The friendlier your brand is, the higher the chances for people to want to do business with you and refer you to their friends.

We’d love to hear from you and see how your editorial calendar is coming together. Don’t forget to come back here are share your results!

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