6 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Facebook Page

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Facebook marketing is one of the most enjoyable ways to beef up your popularity and create a community around your brand. But you know more than anyone that keeping your Facebook presence fresh is a constant challenge. And sometimes, the bucket with ideas comes up empty. Here are five ideas to help you revive your Facebook Page and attract more fans:

  1. Spy On Your Competitors.

Take a look at some of the most successful competitors and check out their campaigns created so far. See what they’re doing right and add that into your mix. See what calls to action they’re using, are they running Video ads? Are they using GIFs? Testimonials? “How-To” videos? Behind the scenes photos? Memes? Motivational quotes? Check them out and test these new elements yourself. Keep what’s working and discard the rest.

Check out Buzzsumo, a great analytics tool that allows you to analyze and monitor your competitors’ Facebook pages and more.

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  1. Promote Your Page Posts To Your Email List.

A great way to cross-pollinate your content is to share your Facebook posts with your newsletter subscribers. Pick a recent post that performed well and tell your subscribers that you’d love to hear their thoughts in the conversation. Keep in mind that most of your Facebook fans will not see all your posts, so this is a very effective way to repurpose your posts and have your subscribers engaged in the discussion, too.

  1. Create A Beautiful Landing Page.

Create a “Welcome” page on your Facebook page that grabs the eyes within seconds. Users decide in less than five seconds if it’s worth liking your page, so it is important that your landing page is relevant, beautifully designed and interactive.

  1. Add Videos.

Video content has become widely popular on Facebook. If you’re running a small business, handling the company’s Facebook page or an NGO page, you can post interviews with the people working in your organization, happy clients, to give a behind the scenes atmosphere.

This is a good way to add a new dimension to your Facebook page and stand out. If you don’t have time or resources to create your own videos, YouTube is an endless source of interesting videos, tutorials and presentations that you can share with your fans.

  1. Increase The SEO Of Your Page.

Facebook has a very good position in the SERPs, as it is a great site, “good friends” with Google. To attract more readers from the search engines, make sure to diversify your content and add relevant keywords and titles to your posts.

You can even write some of your posts around specific keywords and mention them at least once throughout the post. Your posts get indexed by Google and since Facebook is an authority site with a very high page rank, your content will rank quite high, too. You can learn more about how to further optimize your Facebook page here.

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  1. Discuss Lateral Interests.

Many times we get into the habit of thinking that all of our fans should only hear about our products and services. But they’re human beings too – with many varying interests. Your fans have certain preferences for the content they like to engage with and share.

Some love pictures, others love video or text. Don’t make the mistake of only posting photos simply because you heard photos get the most likes, comments and shares. Posting a wider variety of story types will get you in more news feeds.

Final Thoughts

Remember, people are always asking what’s in it for them and what the benefits of linking your page are. Be consistent in your marketing and invest at least a few hours each week for updates, sending out personalized messages to some of your most active followers and put out highly relevant and valuable content. Staying active on your page will keep your fans on the look out on what will be your next update.

With these six tips, you can enjoy more likes, more followers, and more people will get to know about what you can offer. Deploying these strategies in alignment with your audience’s interests will help you grow your brand and loyalty for many years to come.

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