Step by Step Facebook Targeting Guide

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Facebook ads are a great way to get your offer in front of millions of people worldwide. The secret of maximizing your reach lays in the targeting. Facebook has amazing targeting capabilities allowing you to drill down into your audience data and optimise your campaigns. This is why we created this step by step Facebook Targeting Guide for you!

You can create ads with the most beautiful photos and excellent copy, but if you don’t get those ads in front of the people who are most likely to buy from you, you’re wasting your money. This article will give you the key fundamentals of Facebook targeting, so the next time you launch a campaign, you’ll know exactly what to do to get in front of the right people.

First, you must define your objective. Why do you intend to accomplish with your ads? What’s the desired outcome? Do you want people to subscribe to your list, click through and buy your product, read your latest post? First, you must set your goal for the campaign and then pick your target.

Defining Your Target Audience

Even though Facebook can put you in front of virtually millions of people, you must narrow your audience to the most receptive crowd that would take action on your ad. Who is most likely to respond to your call to action? Who is your offer for?

Here are four layers of targeting:

  • Basic demographic information.

This is the first set of options where you dial in the gender, age, location of your audience. Facebook Audience Insights is a great tool for giving you tons of data on a platter:

step by step facebook targeting guide


The second set of options is Interests. This is where you refine your audience based on what they’re interested in. For example, you’re selling a Facebook ads tutorial and you want to reach people who are interested in learning more about it. So, you’re using Jon Loomer as one of your layers of targeting:

step by step facebook targeting guide

You’ll notice that people who are interested in Jon Loomer are also interested in all these other pages, including Amy Porterfield, HubSpot, Smart Passive Income with pat Flynn, etc. Now, you can add these Precise Interests to your campaign and get an ever more targeted crowd to who you can market to.

Besides Precise Interests, you can also add Behaviors to your targeting. Behaviors allow you to reach people who have purchased through Facebook in the past, who are more likely to click on ads, etc.

step by step facebook targeting guide


Another way you can target is by using Connections. It allows you to target users who are fans, friends of fans or not fans of your Page. You can use this option to get new Page Likes / Followers by excluding your current fans and targeting only their friends or new potential fans.

step by step facebook targeting guide

  • Custom Audiences.

Custom Audiences are a serious weapon in your arsenal! If you have a list of email subscribers, phone numbers or Facebook user IDs of people who would be interested in your offer, you can upload it to Facebook and it will create a Custom Audience.

This powerful option connects your Facebook fanbase to all your external data, such as emails or phone numbers. You can use this Custom Audience to promote new products and convert your email readers into paying customers.

Summing Up

Facebook ads can be very effective in reaching your target audience, creating new audiences and nurturing your leads to the point of sale. With the new Facebook updates, including the Video Ads and the Lead Ads, the possibilities are endless to what you can do to connect with your audience.

What has been working for you in terms of Facebook advertising and in which areas you’d like to improve? We’d love to hear your story, so leave your comments below.

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