The Power Of Facebook Groups

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It’s no longer a shock to see the declining organic reach of your Facebook posts – the question is, what will you do about it? The more content gets out there (e.g. posts, large cat photos, auto-playing videos), the more flooded the timelines become and the more posts that will never be seen by your audience.


Facebook Groups Are The New Forums


In an attempt to address this issue, more and more businesses have started using Facebook Groups to stay connected with their fans and regain control over how much of their content fans are seeing. A Facebook group has quite a few benefits over a traditional fan page, and one of them is that members of a group are far more likely to buy from you, than fans on a fan page are.


People join all kinds of groups because they are passionate about that niche, topic or product and they are genuinely interested in your content and what you have to say. These guys are more likely to participate in conversations, ask questions, help each other out and basically act as a lively community sharing the same interests.


Yes, it’s true that not all group members will become customers, but they’re still valuable to the group. If you are passionate about your business, and really enjoy moderating the group and sharing valuable content, then they will reciprocate your good intentions by sharing your content.


The Benefits of Running a Facebook Group


Usually, a Facebook Group is intended for communities who wish to encourage conversations among members and bounce ideas back and forth in a collaborative spirit. In contrast, Pages are intended mainly as one-to-many broadcasts where you pull the strings and others are watching.


Think of a Facebook group as a many-to-many conversation where all the members in a circle, unlike the classroom-style communication method where you stand in front of the class.


Here are the 3 key benefits of having your own private Facebook group:


1) You have on board only those superfans that are actually eager to learn from you and stay in touch on a regular basis.


2) Your updates will reach all the group members so you don’t have to worry you’re your message gets lost in an ocean of updates.


3) You can direct message all of the group members personally.


Who’s Successful At It?


A wide range of businesses – from fitness to health & nutrition, marketing & sales – are beginning to leverage the power of Facebook groups to cultivate a genuine sense of camaraderie, support and accountability and help their members achieve their goals.


See this example of community support coming from a Teespring Facebook group:

power of facebook groups


A Facebook group can grow into a real community with users helping each other, finding solutions to problems and this is way more than what a simple Fan page can do for your business.




So… is it worth the time to create your own Facebook group for your business? Well, it’s said that when one door closes, another door opens, and it seems like Facebook Groups is a brand new door to higher engagements with you fans, more direct conversations and a genuine community spirit.


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