Brand Identity vs. Brand Image: Are yours MATCHING UP?

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At first glance, Brand Identity and Brand Image may sound like the same thing but we can assure you they are not. 😉

Brand Identity simply refers to how you try to position your brand. Brand Identity pretty much encompasses what you say about your brand, the way you present it and the core beliefs of your brand. This means that the approach you take to your positioning will have a strong influence in shaping your brand identity.

Brand Image is pretty much the other side of the coin in the sense that you don’t have nearly as much control over your Brand Image as you have over your Brand Identity. This is because your Brand Image is determined by your target audience, it is the result of how they perceive your positioning.

Even though these are different concepts, when your brand identity does not match or doesn’t even come close to your brand image, guaranteed problems with your target audience are heading your way. For example, a hotel that is trying to position itself  as a luxury accommodation provider is most likely to aim for this positioning by charging their guests an absurd amount of money. However, if the hotel’s rooms, amenities, location, staff and customer service do not match the image portrayed by the positioning, the guests will have zero hesitation to voice their concerns.  

Regarding Brand Image, good old Apple is an excellent example of Brand Image. As you may know,  unboxing any apple product becomes an exciting experience. Apple achieves to make you look forward to the unboxing experience by packaging their products in a certain way. The method of packing used by Apple also manages to support their positioning as a premium product of high quality.

Even though we still have a long way to go (not that long tbh) to reach a brand image status like Apple’s, we still strive to portray a strong, high quality brand image. We do this by welcoming our new clients with a welcome pack, which includes a special gift specifically chosen for them and a hand written letter. Providing our clients with thoughtful details like the ones previously mentioned, helps us reassure them that our service is of high quality and that they are going to get the best value for money.

The key takeaway is to ensure that your brand identity is a closely aligned as possible to your brand image. If you are currently seeking help for renovating your brand identity don’t hesitate to message us, we are always happy to help. 🙂

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