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Understand Facebook Branded Content, the ins and outs.

Facebook Branded Content has been released and is causing a little but of confusion. Just like our video training said, we want to make sure you are 100% informed from the SOURCE, not from other blogs and other people’s interpretations but from Facebook themselves;







Hey, guys. Kim here from Your Social Voice. I just wanted to shoot you all a short video because a lot of people have been going up in arms about this new Facebook branded content update. So there’s been a big change, it’s been the last couple of weeks actually, probably from around the 8th of April. A lot of releases and we’re going to link below to our website where you can get access to all the actual articles directly from Facebook itself.

But basically what it’s saying…a lot of people are getting a little bit worried about it because they think they can’t share content anymore…well, what it’s saying is that now if you’re working directly with an influencer or brand, let’s say for example lululemon or Lorna Jane, when you’re putting out content now, especially if you’re looking to promote it, it’s got to be connected to them. It’s got to actually have a direct link to them and it’s rolling out on verified profiles. Because what they’re doing is, they want marketers and businesses to know more so the depth and reach of all their content. So it’s very, very important for them to understand that. Also what it’s doing is it’s stopping people, individual companies and smaller companies, from actually utilizing copyrighted material.

So an example of this is my girlfriend the other day put up a video on her Page, the Multicultural Language Center, and because it had some free audio that had been used in other free videos before, it said that that wasn’t her content and it took it down straight away. So what it’s done is going, if you’re sharing content that’s not yours, you must give credit to the people that have created that content. Because otherwise it’s just going out there and you’re utilizing it, so if you’re downloading other people’s videos and uploading them and things like that and utilizing that as part of your advertising campaign or part of your content campaign, you’re not allowed to do that anymore. What you have to do, and what you’re going to be given the function to do, is share. So you’ll be able to share it, but you won’t actually be able to rip it down and then re-upload it yourself.

So all it means is that we just must get much smarter in the way that we’re marketing, so if you’ve been utilizing any of those tactics before, the time is done. Okay? Stop doing that. You must give credit where credit is due. And so you can still share content, you can put it out there, but it’s just saying that if you’re a Verified Page, that if you’ve got the blue tick, you must tag people and if you’re using a brand, an influencer name, anything like that, you can’t just go…for example if you’re using Samsung…you can’t just start promoting Samsung and put it out there. You must attach it to there. And if someone’s doing that for your brand, the benefit is you get marketing insights into every one of those Pages and as well, if you want to, you can actually boost that out there as well.

So it’s actually a good opportunity for us to start understanding about it. It’s going very much the way that YouTube went. But it’s just going, “Okay, how do we understand it, adjust it, and then increase and improve it from there?” So it’s nothing to be worried about, nothing to be stressed about. It’s just going, “Okay, now I need to understand how this works for me and my brand and my business,” and then, “How do I utilize it?” So as I said, it’s very, very much…like, don’t just go reading third party blogs.

Obviously I’m going to direct you to our blog, but I want you to read the Facebook article. So I’m directing you there because I’ve got six Facebook links there, directly from Facebook, from their media sections. So I want you to go on there and read and understand it. Because that’s what I did, that’s how I understood it. There were many Pages where they’re saying this was happening, this was happening, all these different things. Just go right to the source of Facebook.

So that’s all. This is just a bit of a public service announcement going, now that this is happening, please go out there and understand it and actually try and make a little bit of a difference into your business and understand the specifics of why this is happening. So I just wanted to shoot you this quick public service announcement update on the latest Facebook change from branded content. Thanks, guys.

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