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Facebook For Small Business Relevancy Score

Facebook For Small Business Relevancy Score

How relevant your Facebook ads are has always had an affect on your results, in being shown to your target audience but also on your cost of distribution.

Most advertisers struggle to understand why certain ads perform over others, and with the Facebook relevancy score now being implemented it allows everyone to get more of an understanding on how this actually works.

Facebook for small business

Facebook for small business

There are so many metrics that a marketer looks at in the Facebook dashboard – and this makes it a whole lot simpler to address the good and the bad. It tells Facebook why an ad may be getting a particular result and it directly correlate to the results your getting.

You now get a rating from 1 (not so relevant) to 10 (super relevant). This is based on both the positive, as well as the negative response your ad gets. This is also updated LIVE so you may see it move over a day and from day to day depending on the response it gets.

Positive feedback is described by Facebook as;

A rating based on the number of times your audience took a desired action after seeing your ad, such as shared or liked it, or helped you achieve your objective, such as visiting your website. When positive feedback is high it means people are responding well to your ad.


Negative feedback is described by Facebook as;

A rating based on the number of times your audience hid your ad or otherwise indicated a negative experience such as choosing not to see ads from you. When negative feedback is high it means people don’t want to see this ad.

Here is an example of Facebook Relevancy Scores from Facebook;

facebook for small business

facebook for small business

Facebook relevancy scores will not always influence the ad spend cost, but its a great metric to see your ad performance and see how you can start to make changes with your ads to become even more relevant.

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