5 Tips For Using Facebook For Small Business

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Business is changing dramatically and today if your business is not online, it’s not visible to your customers and your potential customers.

5 years ago SEO was all the range, and today if your on social media, specifically Facebook then your going to find that its hard for your customers to interact, connect and ultimately purchase from you. That’s why Facebook is so important for small businesses.

In the video below you can see Amy Porterfield share 9 tips for small businesses using Facebook.

At Your Social Voice we want to share with you 5 tips for small businesses using Facebook, to get them started in growing their presence on Facebook and ultimately there client base.

Facebook For Small Business Tip #1: Clean Up Your Fan page

Making sure that your fan page is 100% complete can add a ton of value. Ensure that you have included all your contact information and if you’re a physical business your hours of operation. If you do not have a cover photo make sure you put one up as soon as possible – utilize sites like www.canva.com to create great cover photos for free. This allows visitors to your page to know that your page is active.

Facebook For Small Business Tip #2: Create Video Page Posts

In November and December 2014 Facebook had more video traffic that Youtube. There is a reason for this – people LOVE watching videos! It’s easy to watch, and gives them an understanding about what your business is all about. If your not comfortable on camera you can do voice overs and utilize other strategies – but it is time to start getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Facebook For Small Business Tip #3: Post Regularly

When people visit your page they want to make sure that you’re an active business, but more so they want value. You need to be sharing content, not just advise about how well your business is doing, information about clients etc, you need to be giving them tangible value that they can have in relation to your chosen industry.

Facebook For Small business Tip #4: Promote Your Important Posts
If you have a post and it gets a lot of attention from your audience, you need to promote this post out to your target market – the more organic traffic your post is getting the better, Facebook LOVES that. If you don’t know how to promote a post – CLICK HERE and watch the short training video we have done on it.

Facebook For Small Business Tip #5: Be Authentic

Speak authentically to your audience. That’s all. No bravado – no embellishments – just be authentic. On a platform that is shrouded with over the top businesses and rubbishy content the more you can be your authentic self, the better.

Implementing any of these tips will help you have greater engagement on Facebook, and allow your customers to see how valuable you really are!

If you have any questions or queries on using Facebook for YOUR small business feel free to contact us, or post up on our Facebook page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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