How to create a QUALITY Lead Magnet! (BOOST your Conversion Rate!) 💰📈

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What in the world is a lead magnet? That’s probably what you’re asking yourself now right? It’s fine, we’ve been in your position before and that’s why we decided to come up with this blog explaining all things lead magnets. Let’s jump straight into it. A lead magnet is a mechanism you can use in your marketing to attract as many leads as possible, much like a normal magnet attracts metal within its proximity. 

Creating a lead magnet

What’s the best way to work out what type of lead magnet will work in your business?

First of all look at what other people are doing. Depending on what industry you’re in, your lead magnet research will vary. A good starting point is to simply go on Facebook and/or Instagram, do your usual scrolling but pay close attention to the ADS! Particularly any ads that offer any of the following:

  • Free Downloadable guides
  • Free Consultation Call
  • Free Webinar
  • Free USB

All of the offerings mentioned above can be considered lead magnets. So do your research, get an idea of what the competition is using in their marketing (might be a good idea to pay close attention to the engagement the ads are getting too, giving you an idea of what’s working) and try to come up with something that delivers more value than what’s already out there! Also please try to keep it simple and make it easy to execute. You want to deliver value to your audience so don’t make your offer difficult to understand, make it easy to consume and easy for people to clearly see the results they can achieve. 

In our case, we decided to go with an ad template. A Facebook ad template that guarantees a high conversion rate and has added over $15 million to our clients’ businesses, simple as that. If you want to learn more about it keep reading this blog! 😉

Lead Magnet – Landing Page relationship

If we are going to talk about lead magnets we have to bring landing pages into the conversation as well. You may have heard us talk about landing pages before in our previous blogs covering the marketing funnel. If you haven’t, a landing page is simply the initial page of a funnel, it’s sole objective is to convince people to purchase the offer displayed on the landing page.  

So how is a landing page related to a lead magnet?

The lead magnet is going to be responsible for driving traffic to the landing page and it is essential that both the landing page and the lead magnet are of similar, ideally high, quality! Why? Well, you can have a truly irresistible lead magnet but if it’s directing people to a lousy landing page you’re going to have a hard time converting your leads and vice-versa. 

The 3 KEY components that determine the success of a Lead Magnet! (PLEASE READ THIS PART)

Just because you put your lead magnet and landing page out there does not guarantee you will start making sales left and right! 

There are 3 components you must keep in mind:

  1. The traffic method (How you direct your audience to your landing page)
  2. The conversion method (Your landing page)
  3. The delivery 

Your traffic method needs to be precise. You want the right kind of people to arrive on to your landing page, so to have a precise flow of the right traffic you must carefully analyse your audience targeting settings in your Facebook ads. Your conversion method needs to be consistent, you can’t rely on the luck of the Irish every time when it comes to conversions. The delivery needs to be concise, people should be able to easily notice when they achieve or receive the result you offered. 

In addition to these 3 components, you also have to think about our good old N.O.C Method. In case you forgot, our N.O.C Method involves your:

  • Niche
  • Offer 
  • Copy

When it comes to lead magnets and your niche, you have to make sure you have clearly identified your niche and you know for a fact that they NEED your offer. Does your offer cater to their needs? If so, by all means, proceed with what you’re doing. Your offer needs to be the greatest thing since sliced bread in the eyes of your niche. It needs to be a truly irresistible offer that would make them want to push people out of the way to get that offer. Lastly, you have to ensure that your copy is communicating clearly what your offer. How can you test the efficiency of your copy? Ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What are you offering?
  2. What results will your offer generate?
  3. What’s required to obtain the offer? 

If you can answer all of these three questions just by looking at the copy, then your copy is doing its job. Now that you’ve ticked all the boxes and your lead magnet is ready to be revealed to the audience, we suggest you test it first. Before you send it out to an unexplored cold audience make sure to test it out with your warm audience. 

If you have made it to the end of this blog and now have a clear idea of lead magnets, we have a reward for you. What’s this reward? Oh, it’s a good one, you know that high converting ad template we talked about earlier? Simply click HERE to claim yours. (Thank us later 😜)

Anyways, feel free to contact us on either Facebook, Instagram or Email if you feel like you need a hand with your marketing and lead generation strategy!

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