How To Gain More Followers On Instagram

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Want to gain more followers for your Instagram account?

It’s easy, but with a simple strategy you can have solid followers on your Instagram account. Small warning, just because it’s easy doesn’t make it less effective. It makes it easy for you to focus your attention and efforts on a strategy that will yield you better results.

Now that we have the “ground rules” clear, we can dive right into the two key strategies you can implement right away to gain more followers for your Instagram account.

Hashtags are the awesome way of reaching out to the new followers out of your current sphere of followers.
Which Hashtags should I use I use for my Instagram account? That’s a great question. However, there are two camps on this question. One is that you should go after ultra-popular hashtags; the ones that are frequently searched. The Bright side of going after the ultra-popular hashtags is that you know they have a sheer number of people searching for them. On the flip side is that since such ultra-popular hashtags have a great number of people actively searching for them, it’s going to be an uphill battle for your photos or images to get any traction in terms of visibility, as the competition for attention will be very stiff.

The second strategy or approach is to go after ultra-relevant and specific hashtags that are more likely to get you targeted followers.

Just because there are two opposing camps doesn’t mean that you can choose one over the other. In my opinion, both strategies can work harmoniously; it’s just a matter of execution. How well you execute them is what counts. In fact, if you want to get targeted followers and excellent reach I would recommend combining the two strategies.
This blog post will look into all realms of Instagram hashtags; the ultra-popular hashtags(for generally getting more followers), and the less popular Instagram hashtags(for getting highly-targeted and more specific followers).

Ultra-Popular Instagram hashtags as of today

I have compiled a list of the ultra-popular Instagram hashtags gathered from various sources, including Hashtagify, a tool used to accelerate your brand awareness, marketing and business growth on Instagram leveraging Hashtag marketing.
#love-Number of posts: 860 million+

#instagood- Number of posts: 390 million+

#me-Number of posts: 355 million+

#tbt(Throw back Thursday)-Number of posts: 332 million+

#cute-Number of posts: 317 million+

#follow-Number of posts: 314 million+

#followme-Number of posts: 302million+

#photooftheday-Number of posts:297 million+

#selfie-Number of posts: 257 million+

#girl-Number of posts: 247 million+

#picoftheday-Number of posts: 215 million+

#like4like-Number of posts: 211 million+

#friends-Number of posts: 204 million+

#fun-Number of posts: 202 million+

#summer-Number of posts: 194 million+

#instadaily-Number of posts: 188 million+

#nofilter-Number of posts: 188 million+

#instalike-Number of posts: 172 million+

#food-Number of posts: 167 million+

#follow4follow-Number of posts: 157 million+

#followforfollow-Number of posts: 123 million+

Ultra-popular Instagram hashtags for increasing the number of followers and engagement

If you’re looking for hashtags that are less obscure, but will get you more followers and drive engagement for your posts, then here below is a list of the best Instagram hashtag under this category. Keep in mind the list below is of Instagram hashtags for people who are actively searching for new people to interact with or follow.

#141(Like 4 Like)-Number of posts: 123 million+

#followback-Number of posts: 87 million+

#instafollow-Number of posts: 85 million+

#followher-Number of posts: 41 million+

#followhim-Number of posts: 39 million+

#followall-Number of posts: 35 million+

#follows-Number of posts: 33 million+

#teamfollowback-Number of posts: 32 million+

#FF:Follow Friday: Number of posts: 14 million+

#tagforlikes-Number of posts: 12 million+

#like4likes-Number of posts: 6 million+

#likesplease-Number of posts: 1 million+

#likesreturned-Number of posts: 1.6 million+

How to find ultra-relevant hashtags for your Instagram account and business
This is where quality of followers is critical. It is quality over quantity. I’m going to concude with three tools you can use to find industry/niche/market-specific hashtags.
1. Twitonomy
2. Tweet Binder
3. Me

Now that you have these strategies, it’s time to put them into action and get some new and increased followers to your Instagram account.

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