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Are you using Facebook Ads to market your business, product or service?

Do you use retargeting to reach out to those people who had initially seen your Facebook Ad?

Did you know that you can retarget people on Instagram inside Facebook?

Yes, you can retarget instagram users with your Instagram ads inside Facebook.

This article will show you how to retarget people who have been to your website with Instagram Ads.

1.Setup the Facebook pixel on your website

Before embarking on using Instagram ads to retarget people who have been to your website, you need to first install the Facebook pixel on your website.

This can be done easily by accessing Facebook’s Power Editor. In order to perform this, you would need to open Google Chrome browser and then log into your Power Editor.
For you to retarget using Instagram ads, you will need to log into the Facebook ads account that corresponds to your website. This is extremely importantly, especially in cases where you have multiple accounts. It is also important to double-check the ads account you intend to work on for your Instagram ads. This can be done by hovering over to the top-left corner of the Power Editor.
Paul Rammondo

If you don’t have an already existing Facebook pixel, you can create one by clicking the green “Create a Pixel” button. Given a name to your pixel under the “Create a Facebook Pixel” dialog box and click “Create Pixel.”

Create Facebook Pixel

Next, you will see a message that tells you your Facebook pixel is ready to use. Click “Install Pixel Now” to view the pixel code.

view Pixel code

If you have an existing Facebook pixel, you can simply access it by clicking “Actions” in the drop-down menu and choose “View Pixel Code.”

View Pixel code

Next, you will copy and paste the Facebook pixel code on your website. Copy your Facebook pixel code and paste between the pixel codes between the head tags of the codes in your website.
To know whether your Facebook pixel is working, you can visit Facebook Pixel Helper. Facebook Pixel Helper is a free plugin offered by Google Chrome.
If you have correctly installed the Facebook pixel on your website, Facebook will then automatically start tracking every visitor to your website.

2. Create custom audience

Creating a custom audience is an effective way to retarget visitors who have been to your website. This can be done by creating a custom website audience. This will help you send relevant ads to those who have been to your website.
To create custom audience to retarget, click the tab named “Facebook Pixel” and click “Create Audience” button.

Facebook pixel

Now, just create the custom audience you would like to do the retargeting to. For the audience type, select “Website Traffic.”

Create a custom audience

In the Create Audience dialog box, type the details for your custom audience.
The image below shows an example of a custom audience created for visitors who have visited the website in the last 30 days. It is important to note that if the Facebook pixel is installed in multiple domains, then it is at this point that it will appear as an option.

Create audience

Here is a pointer; it is wise to create audience based on the action you would like them to take when they see your ad, as opposed to targeting them broadly (all visitors on your website, as it is the case with the example above).
When you are done finishing creating your audience you would like to retarget, click “Create Audience.”
3. Create your Ad Campaign
Now that you have created an audience to retarget to, it is time to create an ad campaign to retarget people who have on your website in the past few days, weeks or months.

To setup your ad campaign, open Power Editor and click “Create Campaign.” Once you have opened Power Editor and clicked “Create Campaign,” choose one of the objectives. They include; website conversions, Mobile App Installs, click to website or Video views.

Create Campaign

When you are done filling all the required fields for your campaign, click “Create.”

4. Setup your retargeting Ad Set

Edit your ad set in terms of setting up budget and schedule of your ads.

Ad set(Budget)

Edit your audience so as to target people who have previously been or have visited your website. To setup this, just click “Edit Audience” button.


Next, select the custom audience you had earlier created. Once you selected, click “Save.”

Edit Audience

Next, select on the placement dialog box, select Instagram as your placement.


Lastly, confirm that you have selected the correct custom audience. Then, ensure that the custom audience has people optimized for your instagram ads. This step is more or less; verifying the audience is there before your start on the final step of setting up your instagram retargeting ad. To confirm this, just hop over to the top-right corner of the ad set panel, and check “Potential Audience.”

Keep in mind that the audience should larger than 20 people to run your instagram retargeting ad.

Potential Audience

If your audience doesn’t reach 20 people, just broaden your targeting options. On the other hand, you can wait until you Facebook pixel has registered more than 20 people who have been to your website (In the past 30 days). In addition, during the similar period, you can capture those with instagram accounts.

5. Setup your retargeting ad

For your instagram retargeting ad, select the instagram ad you had designed in the ad set for past website visitors you had created.
Head over “Destination” and select the Facebook page that corresponds to your website.


Next, connect your instagram to your Facebook page to exhibit your business on Instagram. Keep in mind, this is not recommended. Alternatively, you can simply connect Instagram account to your business.
Click “Add an Account” link to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook ads account.

Instagram account

Now, an “Add an Instagram Account for Advertising” dialog box will show up.
Next, enter your username and password to access your Instagram account. Afterwards, just click “Next” and you will connect or associate your Instagram account to your Facebook ads account.

Add An Instagram Account

Next, go back to your ad and select the verified Instagram account.


Now, create your instagram ads. This is a simple and straightforward as creating a Facebook ad.

Create ad

It is recommended by Facebook that for your instagram ads, you use an image size of 1080×1080 pixels.
Keep in mind that just like Facebook, your Instagram ads should have not more than 20% in texts.

Before uploading your ad in Facebook, use Facebook Grid Tool to confirm that your ad does not contain more than 20% in text.

In addition, Facebook also provides an Instragram ad creative guide.

An ad preview will update automatically, as you add more details and information to your ad.

Instagram Preview ad

6. Launch your Instagram retargeting ad campaign
Now that you are done with all the steps mentioned above, it’s time for you to launch your Instagram retarget ads. To launch your Instagram retargeting ads, hover to the top-right corner of your Power Editor and follow the prompts and click “Review Changes” green button.
Review Changes

Your turn
To conclude, now that you have all the core pieces for creating your Instagram retargeting ad, you can run a successful retargeting campaign on Instagram. Keep in mind, combing all these steps with a well-optimized ad copy, captivating ad design, and granular targeting will result in a stealth and successful campaign.

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