How To Setup Your First Instagram Ads

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Do you see the potential to showcase your product or service on Instagram?

Are you a little intimated on how to setup Instagram ads?

Are you looking to add more or increase followers on Instagram?

Sit back and relax as this blog post got your back. I will show you a step-by-step process of setting up your Instagram ads even if it’s your first time or looking to play with Instagram sometime soon.

1.Connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account
This is a critical step before jumping on creating any Instagram ads. You have to connect your Facebook page with your Instagram account. Unfortunately, this is the only way to setup Instagram ads, as the photo-sharing platform is yet to have a native advertising platform.

To connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account,click “Settings,” and then hover down where you will see “Instagram Ads.”

When you click on “Instragram Ads” you will see a new window which will request you “Add An Account.”

Instagram ads

After clicking “Add an Account” a small window will pop out. Click “Add an existing account,” this will connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account.
You will enter your Instagram username and password to proceed.

Add an existing account

Once you click the “Confirm” button, your Facebook page and Instagram account are now connected. Now you can start the setting up your Instagram ads.

2. Now, go to Facebook Ad Manager→Power Editor

Now that you’re still logged in your Facebook, go to your Ads Manager.
Click the link below to go to Ads Manager.
However, it will prompt you to re-enter your Facebook password to proceed. When you’ve successfully logged in, head over to Power Editor located at the menu navigation bar.

Power Editor

Keep in mind to successfully access Power Editor; you have to switch to Google chrome(Click Here To Download). It is the only browser that is highly recommended when using Power Editor.
After you click “Power Editor” a small window will pop that directs you on how to create Instagram campaign.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

After you click “Create Campaign,” now you’re on your way to creating your first Instagram ads.

3.Choose Instagram as your placement
This step can be a little confusing for a person who is doing this for the first, as it can easily be mistaken for creating Facebook Ads.

Before we dive into choosing Ads a placement, you should know the campaign objectives available to Instagram ads as a placement.
The following campaign objectives are currently supported on Instagram ads:
 Website conversions
 Video Views
 Mobile App Installs
 Mobile App Engagement
 Clicks to Website
 Page Post Engagement

Alternatively, when you hover over each campaign objective inside Ads Manager or Power Editor, it will display “New:Create Ads for Instagram.” This means that you can use that particular campaign objective to create Instagram ads.

Note that the naming of the campaign objectives will slightly differ on Ads Manager and Power Editor Tools.
In addition, you need to also note that since you’re selecting “Instagram ads a placement,” you’re at technically at the ad set level where you will also need to specify the following before you proceed further in setting up your Instagram ads.
 Audience
 Optimization
 Schedule
 Optimization and pricing
 Advanced delivery settings
 Budget
Select “Instagram” as your placement (as shown below).

Placement-Instagram Ads

Make sure to only select ‘Instagram’ if you want your ads to be shown exclusively on Instagram, and not on Facebook. Simply, uncheck the other four placement options.

4.Create and launch your Instagram ads
Now it’s time to create your Instagram ads which you can do at the ads level. Finally, on the ad set level you can select the following:

 Call-to-action (CTA)
 Now add your image or video and ad copy.
 The website URL to promote your ad.
 On the destination select “Use the Instagram account connected to the selected Facebook page.”
I understand by now you’re a little confused, but as you play with Power Editor or Ads Manager, you will gain the confidence to setup more Instagram ads. The more you setup Instagram ads, the more you’ll get conversant with the ad creation process for setting up Instagram ads, as well as Facebook.

Now it’s your turn…
Just apply the above steps diligently in creating your first Instagram ads. Share your experience, how was it? Was it a little intimidating or was the process gracious and intuitive? Setting up your Instagram ads is highly intuitive except when using Power Editor for the first time, but with practice you can get the grip.

Don’t hesitate to share your results and experience on the comments box below.

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