How To Use Facebook Ads Manager To Create Instagram Ads

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Are you planning to run Instagram ads?

Do you prefer Facebook Ads Manager over Power Editor?

Are you in some way “intimidated” by Power Editor?

Now you can aklso run Instagram Ads through your Facebook Ads Manager. Instagram Ads are way easier to create through Facebook Ads Manager.

In this article, I will share how to create Instagram Ads using Facebook Ads Manager. The article will cover a step-by-step process of creating Instagram Ads inside Facebook platform using Ads Manager.

Use Business Manager to link your Facebook accounts and Instragram accounts

If you have not created or linked your Instagram account, Facebook advertising account and Facebook page through Business Manager, then link all of these accounts (Facebook advertising account, Instragram account and Facebook Page) through Business Manager.

If you have linked all your accounts to Business Manager, now in order to navigate the Ad Accounts, use the Business Settings menu to click the “View Ad Account” in Ads Manager.

Next, click on the green “Create Ad” button on the next screen. You will see it on the on the top right. Once you click it, you will be redirected to the Business Manager, where you will get to create a new ad using the standard interface of the Ads Manager. From there, you will choose an appropriate ad objective that accepts you to create Instagram ads.


Not a fan of Business Manager?

No need to fret or sweat, if you are not a fan of using Business Manager or haven’t setup your Business Manager with your Facebook advertising account, Instagram account and Facebook page. You can still use Ads Manager to create Instagram Ads.
To do this, visit the Ads Manager and on the top right, click the green “Create Ad” button to hover to the standard Ads Manager interface, that will make it possible for you to create Instagram Ads(As shown in the steps above).
Now its time to get down to business.

1. Select an appropriate objective for your campaign

Keep in mind that you need to start with an objective that is appropriate for Instagram. At the moment, you can only choose the following objectives;
• Get installs of your app
• Get video views
• Get installs of your app
• Send people to your website
• Increase conversions on your website
After you’re through with selecting your objective, now you can add what you want to advertiser using Ads Manager and click “Continue.”

2. Determine your audience

In determining your audience, you have to communicate out to Ads Manager your ideal audience for your ad. At the top is a field for “Custom Audiences,” which you can use if you have custom audiences or have saved audiences. How you go about this is that you use this to either include or exclude audiences.

In addition, you may also setup your ad audience using the demographics fields as shown below.

Choose your audience

Just to note, for more targeting options, click the “More Demographics” drop-down button.

3. Add your Ad budget,and scheduling for your campaign

Once you’re through selecting an ad audience, set your budget and schedule when you would want your ad to run.

It is mandatory to understand that bidding strategies don’t work well with all ad objectives, thus it is important to be aware of the ad objectives that are allowed for Instagram ads. The areas covered by red as shown in the image below shows the specific ad objectives that are available for Instagram ads.
• Send people to your website: charged for cost-per click (CPC)-optimized for clicks to links and charged for clicks to links.
• Get installs of your app: For app installs you get charged for impressions and is optimized for install of apps.
• Get video views: For video views you get charged for impressions.

At this stage is where most advertisers or business owners adopt unique pricing and optimization strategies that applies to the goals of their ad campaigns.

Budgeting and Scheduling

4. Ad Creation

Before embarking on creating your ad, you would first need to consider (depending on your ad objective) whether you would like to incorporate single or multiple images or video. To run Instagram ads, make sure Instagram is enabled as a placement. However, if it isn’t enabled, you need to resort to changing your selections.

Create New Ad

If you see the image below after setting up your ad, then it means Instagram will work as a placement, thus you may proceed with the next step of ad creation. If you don’t see the image below, then you will need to change your selection until you have seen Instagram enabled.

Instagram Enabled

Now that Instagram is actively enabled as a placement option, it’s time to upload your ad creatives; video or images. After you have uploaded, it is to test to see how your ad creatives look on each of your placements. This is to ensure that your ad creatives are well optimized and looks great.

Select video

After setting up your ad display, your Instagram account and page will be automatically selected if you had connected your Instagram account, Facebook page and Facebook advertising account in Business Manager.

Select Placements

The above settings allow your ad to have a broader reach and displayed across various placements. The settings will allow your ad to be displayed on both Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook, the settings will allow your ad to be displayed in Facebook right column (desktop only) and on third-party mobile banners (outside of Facebook)-also known as “Facebook’s Audience Network.” However, you also have an option to run the ad specifically on Instagram. You can do this by discarding the other placements, and selecting Instagram only.

Select the option of adding your Facebook page to your Instagram account, in case you have not enabled the connections (Facebook page, Facebook advertising account and Instagram account) with Business Manager.
As a matter of choice, you can represent your business on your Instagram ad by using Facebook page without connecting it to your Instagram account.
Just keep in mind, when you connect your Instagram ad to your Instagram account, you will get notifications (likes and comments) on your mobile Instagram app. However, you those notifications will not appear if you have the connection.
5. Launch your ad for review

Once you’re through with the setting up of your Instagram ad, look at the bottom right of the page and click the green “Place Order” button. Clicking this button will submit your Instagram ad for review and approval by the Facebook advertising team. Once it has been approved by the Facebook advertising team, your Instagram ad will run according to the schedule you stated.

After a few hours or a day at most, you can view the performance of your ad by visiting Business Manager or you can visit Ads Manager directly as well.

Note: sort through your campaigns to see the results by placement. Use the drop-down button next to all placements if you are running a campaign on both Instagram and Facebook.


Now you got an easier way of running Instagram ads through Ads Manager.

It’s now your turn to implement these steps. We would like to hear your experience with running Instagrams using Facebook Ads Manager. How was/is your experience in creating Instagram ads using Ads Manager?

Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂

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