How to Use Facebook Custom Audiences For Content Retargeting

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Do you want to want to use Facebook to reach and connect with your current customers?

Do you want to reach people who have visited your website?

Then you’ve got a better shot with Faceboook’s custom audience.

In this article, you wil learn how to use four Facebook Custom Audience for content retargeting and to retarget the ideal or petfect Facebook audience.

Retargeting also known as remarketing helps put your brand, product and service to stay on top of your prospects mind. Retargeting is a must strategy if you would like to boost your conversions from your Facebook ads. Retargeting is a must have strategy for your offer, brand, product or service as people rarely make a purchase for the first time they see your offer or visit your website.

The four custom audiences explained below will help you in content retargeting.

  1. Custom audience: Website visitor

This is the most common form of retargeting strategy. It is done by showing relevant ads to people who have already visited your website.

To create custom audience for people who have visited your website (to target people who have visited your website), you have to have a Facebook website custom audience already setup.

In general, retargeting is a simple concept, when a person visits a page on your website, he or she will be added to your custom audience list as a result of the conversion pixel installed on that particular page of the website.

In your Facebook retargeting campaign you can create a target audience of such visitors; people who have visited your website (automatically added on your custom audience list).

Use Existing Targeting Group

You may also create personalized custom audience in cases where you may want to retarget a segment of the traffic that visited a particular page (landing page) on your website.

You can do the above strategy by following the five steps below:

  1. Hover to your Facebook Ads Manager and select “Audience.”
  2. Click on “Create a Custom Audience.”
  3. On Website Traffic, select “People Visiting Specific Pages.”
  4. Go to the Visited field, select “customize the URL elements” with the pages you want to do retargeting.
  5. Lastly, click “Create.”

Create your custom audience for your website

Now your personalized custom audience is ready to deploy. However, it is important to note that to have the count of the final user it may take a couple of hours.

2. Custom audiences: Facebook Fans

This type of custom audience is pretty easy to create a retargeting campaign for. When creating your Facebook ad, select to “target people who are already fans of your page.”

Connections(Facebook Fans)

I know you may be asking yourself it doesn’t make sense to target and advertise to your current Facebook fans. In reality, it is much easier and cheaper to get sales from your current customers than getting new leads (besides, most of your Facebook fans are likely to be your customers). You can provide improved or new products and services to your current customers.

As a reminder, most of your fans are not seeing your posts on their newsfeeds due to the recent changes on Facebook algorithm. However, by retargeting your content via Facebook ads, they’ll be able to see your posts, thus engage and translate into sales and customers again.


3. Custom audience: Email subscribers

You can retarget your existing email subscriber with your contents.

To setup custom audience for your email subscribers, you need a list of all email subscribers listed on an Excel file. Once you set, you can head over to the audience section in Facebook Ads Manager, and click “Create Audience” and select “Custom Audience.”

Click “Data File Custom Audience” and follow the simple instructions to have it all setup. Double-check to ensure that you indicate that all email addresses has been updated.

Data File Custom audience

You can experience exponential conversions with retargeting to your email subscribers

4. Custom audience: Similar Audiences

Have you heard of lookalike audiences or utilize it for retargeting?

Basically, lookalike audiences are audiences in Facebook whose characteristics are similar to your current email subscribers or connections (simply, people who show interest in content, products and services).

This exposes you to reach vast data of people who may be interested in your products, and services, just as it is the case with your existing customers, subscribers or Facebook fans (The data is based on the interests and behaviors among other factors).

To create lookalike audience, simply click on “Create Lookalike Audience” and choose your desired reach of your audience.

Audiences(Lookalike Audience

Keep in mind, if you creating an audience that matches your website visitors go to your Ads Manager, and onto the Audience section and select the custom audience you had installed on your website (visit No, 1 of 4 for more information).

Anyways, let’s continue on how to create your lookalike audience; continue from the steps from the steps (see the image above).

Create Lookalike Audience

To load your email list so as to create a custom audience with the characteristics similar to your email subscribers, visit #3, and go to the bottom of the page, and click “Create Lookalike Audience.”

To wrap up

Retargeting is a powerful strategy to remain in-front of your audience eyes and on top of their mind, as they consider your products and services in their decision-making process.

It is effective to only do content retargeting to aim at specific audience who are more likely to take action rather than aiming at a general audience. A specific audience is more likely to respond to your offer, product or service.

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