How Your Business Can Capitalize On Facebook’s Messenger To Boost Your Bottom line

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Did you know where your ideal clients or customers spend most of their time?

In particular, which app does your potential customer or client or just customer spends most of his or her time online?

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your clients, customer or prospect, then this blog post will shed some floodlight on how to capitalize on Facebook’s Messenger to attract new clients or customers while you retain and serve your existing ones.

Messenger for business pages makes all these possible by providing an easy instant platform where businesses can engage with their customers or prospects on a more personal level. Facebook’s Messenger allows businesses to have an instant one-on-one conversation with their customers or prospects, thus adding a more personal touch to their brand; connecting on a deeper level with their customers.

This blog post will elaborate on how your business page on Facebook can harmoniously work with Facebook Messenger.

Why Businesses need to capitalize on Facebook’s Messenger

Facebook Messenger leads the way with a whooping 800 million active monthly users connected and interacting on this social tool. The instant messenger platform has made it easier for people to connect regardless of whether one has a profile on Facebook or not. It is available to everyone across the globe; which aligns with Mark Zuckerberg vision, to connect their entire world. To ensure that everyone has an internet connection.

Facebook connecting people

A study sponsored by Facebook and managed by data crunches showed that the average Facebook user spends more time on smartphones and an average of 14 times on Facebook a daily basis. Most importantly, they have a much deeper intimacy with the instant messaging platform, Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has enabled companies to maintain the conversation within Facebook’s ecosystem rather than opting to go to email to communicate whatever the concerns customers are having outside Facebook.

1. How to enable your Page to accept and send messages
To enable your page to accept and send message, you must enable it on your Facebook Messenger.
To enable your Messenger for your business page, head over to “Messages” under “General Settings” next click “Edit.” Afterwards, choose “Allow people to contact my Page privately by showing the Message button.”
General settings

You may also consider getting page moderators if you’re having an influx of messages than what your time can handle.
When configuring your message settings, go to “Settings” and then on “Messaging.” There are two settings that you need to setup for your business Messenger; Instant Replies and Response Time.

Response Time
On your page, this setting will display how long it would take for you to reply to a message. It will display on the left-side of your page, in the “About” section.

Facebook Messenger business page

To access this setting on your page, go to “Settings” and “Messaging”, then check the rounded dot “Automatically show your message average response time for messages (recommended)” or select another appropriate option in the list.

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