Make your move from Freelancer to Agency Owner!

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STOP! ✋ Before you read any further, we would like to congratulate you because if you’ve arrived here it means you truly are doing your research before becoming an agency owner. 🎉 If you’re already an agency owner, it’s never too late and we hope our tips can help! The transition from Freelancing to Owning an agency can be pretty tricky if not done correctly. Today we want to provide you with 3 key tips to make your move from Freelancing to owning your own agency.

There are numerous benefits of working as a Freelancer. As you may already know, one of the biggest perks you will obtain from working as a freelancer is the time freedom. Without having to follow an established office schedule, it’s entirely up to you to manage your time wisely. Another significant freelancing benefit is the fact that you are in charge of how much you get paid, you can set your hourly rate to whatever you want but tread carefully, the results you deliver must be worth it and consistent!

So, life-changing benefits aside, the unavoidable problem of freelancing basically boils down to hitting a threshold or a ceiling. Not an income ceiling, but more of a productivity ceiling. Since there’s only so much you can do in one day, having numerous clients as a freelancer will certainly become challenging. There’s only 24 hours in a day, numerous clients but only one of you. Once you start hiring various people to provide you with assistance in different areas, that’s when you are no longer a freelancer and need to transition into becoming an agency owner.

One of the biggest things that stops people from making the transition, is their belief that they are bad at managing or leading. Transfer of knowledge plays a big part when you become an agency owner. One of the mindsets or thought patterns you are going to want to avoid like the plague, is the belief that no one can do things better than you. Yes, we get it, you’re amazing and you probably excel at a particular thing but if you provide the right training and support to someone else, they can excel in that particular area too.

Tip #1: Personal Training is a proactive and efficient way of transferring your knowledge. Additionally, we highly recommend to document, process, or systemize your personal training sessions so as to measure if it’s providing results. ⚙

Tip #2: The structure of your agency is important and even though you may be tempted to follow organisational flowcharts, we recommend simply looking at the key operational areas of your business and then decide who exactly do you need to fulfil them. 🔍

So how do you find the right people for your up-and-coming agency? 🤔

Tip #3: Traditional advertising platform such as seek, or indeed, combined with existing networks or social media can always provide talented candidates for your agency. We also recommend implementing internship programs since it’s one of the best methods to build talent for your agency. It’s pretty much a win-win situation since the intern gains the experience they desire, and you end up with someone that’s familiar with your business process and already knows how you like things to get done. 👨🏻‍💻

We hope at least one of our tips was helpful to you today and if you are in the process of becoming an agency owner we sincerely wish you the best of luck! If you’re not an agency owner yet and you’re seeking further advice for yourself or your current business then don’t hesitate to message us, we are always happy to help. As Lord Kim Barrett would say…..Adios! 👋🏻✌🏻

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