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Reinvest In YOURSELF to Build Your Empire! 🤝🏛️🤝

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Blog Thumbnail - Self Improvement

So you’re a business owner (most people who are reading our blogs are!, so we’ll assume you are too) and you would consider that 2019 was a reasonably decent year for you in business, you’ll likely (we hope) have a chunk of profits sitting in your account.

Now, the question is, what is the best way to treat that profit you’re so lucky to have? 

There are various options in terms of reinvestment in tangible areas of your business but have you ever thought about reinvesting the profits in YOURSELF?

When we talk about reinvesting in yourself we are referring to two key areas; 

  1. Reinvesting in yourself as a person
  2. Reinvesting in your business

If you want to take your business to the next level in 2020, then reinvesting in both of these areas is a non-negotiable. 

Reinvesting in Yourself as a Person

When it comes to investing in yourself personally, there are many different areas that are important, such as; 

  • Your Health
  • Your Nutrition
  • Personal Development

Investing in your health *simply involves being active (*never simple as a business owner haha).  There are countless ways to do this, the choice is up to you but the end goal should be to become more active wherever possible around your crazy schedule! Try walking or riding your bicycle to work every other day, or if that’s not possible maybe join your local fitness centre and get that blood flowing before your long days at work! And while you’re there, nutrition is so important to be able to perform at your best as a business owner, and continually be showing up and actually working effectively without the 3:00 pm slump. Simply put, you eat better = you feel better. Think about it, how many times have you ever regretted having a salad? When it comes to eating better, we are by no means certified nutritionists but certain changes to your diet can really make a difference. 

Try starting out with small changes like swapping soft drinks for flavoured sparkling water with low sugar or having only 2 desserts each week instead of having a dessert after every meal. Avoid anything that’s fried and opt for nutrient-rich foods. For personal development, much like for health and nutrition, your investment opportunities are endless. A really important aspect of personal development is emotional mastery. 

Emotions are more important than you may think, especially when it comes to business. From the moment you wake up, you experience a roller coaster of emotions throughout the day. Working as an entrepreneur is tough, you experience so many highs and lows on a daily basis, normally before your morning coffee!.

The thing is that emotions are just like any other skill, the more you practice them, the better you get at them. You could spend days looking for the perfect course in the ocean of personal development courses out there, but if you want to have a truly remarkable experience we recommend you take a look at this one:

If you still think that investing in your personal development and wellbeing is not going to impact your business, consider the following quote:

“Your business will only grow to the extent that you’re willing to grow yourself.”

ooohhhh… deep, we’ll move on to the next point now guys.

Reinvesting in your Business

Reinvesting the profits of your business back INTO your business is just as important as reinvesting in yourself. However, what really makes a difference are the areas of the business in which you’re reinvesting.

For optimal business growth, we highly recommend reinvesting in the following 2 areas:

  • Training & Mentorship
  • Your Marketing

And no….we’re not just saying that because we’re a Marketing agency haha, it’s true, the numbers and results we’ve seen throughout the years truly speak for themselves. Mentorship is an investment that’s almost invaluable since it provides you with something that money can’t buy, experience. Mentorship is a great way of fast-tracking your business’ journey by learning from someone else’s experience and mistakes. Mentorship will provide your business with direction. If mentorship sets the direction of your business, training is what provides the fuel that ensures your business keeps on advancing in the right direction. Training yourself and/or your employees is an investment that will cover its own costs in the long run 9 out 10 times. 

Now the good part… investing in Marketing shouldn’t be a hard decision at all. Behind every successful business, especially in the online environment, there’s a well-rounded marketing strategy. A lot of marketing agencies out there promise you the world, but really end up giving you the same old marketing tips that have been recycled countless times. We’re not like that. We let our results speak for themselves and our results indicate that on average, our clients generate a 15x Return on Investment when they work with us, numbers don’t lie. If you’re ready to invest in your business’ marketing as well as yourself click below to learn more about our Mogul Marketing System 2.0, the perfect way to become a marketing mogul in your industry 👇🏻:

If you don’t have the money right now to reinvest in your business’ marketing, we got you covered don’t worry! Here are two freebies that will not only give you a better understanding of where your marketing is currently standing at but will also provide you with a new marketing strategy you will be able to implement!:

Social Advertising Scorecard:

Free Facebook Marketing Toolkit:

We hope this blog provides you with a bit more direction when it comes to reinvesting and we highly recommend using the two freebies above, you won’t be disappointed! Stay tuned for next week’s blog peeps. 

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