Sales Funnel Excellence – The Importance of Copy

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The importance of a well-structured sales funnel copy is ever growing in today’s online environment. The sales funnel copy is basically how you are articulating your offering to potential customers, it is what people read and it is of great importance because it can deeply influence how people perceive your offering. If you have been encountering issues you’re your sales funnels, below you can find our most useful tips on crafting an effective sales funnel copy:


  • Headline first, everything else secondCapturing people’s attention online can be challenging at best and this is why the Headline of your sales funnel copy should be your top priority. It’s said that you only have 4 seconds to grab someone’s attention and the headline is the first thing that people read. An effective Headline must clearly articulate why the people should listen to you. In addition, ensure the Headline is easy to read and direct.
  • AIDAThis acronym refers to the traditional marketing principle consisting of Attention, Interest, Desire and A All of your sales copy should flow in basis of this principle. Attention and Action can be considered the most important elements of this principle as attention paves the way for Interest & Desire and without the Action element, the reader is left clueless regarding what to do next. The aim is to get all the readers of your sales copy to take action and this can only be achieved if you are able to clearly communicate with your audience what you want them to do next. An effective Action element in your sales copy will translate to a high converting sales funnel.
  • ChecklistHaving a checklist when writing your sales funnel copy can be extremely helpful in crafting an effective sales copy that flows well. Here are some essential elements you might want to include in your checklist:
  • Attention-grabbing Headline
  • Insert Sub Headlines
  • Solid Call to Action
  • Remove all non-vital words
  • Break up long sentences
  • Read Copy out loud

In addition to the previous checklist elements, you should definitely add your own style

and requirements to your checklist. In order to do this, you must first establish what you

want your copy to look like, sound like and feel like.

  • Persuasive TechniquesWriting a call to action such as CLICK HERE in all caps lock can be perceived as an embedded command by the reader, thus making it more effective than writing it in lower case which could just be perceived as a statement.
  • Pay attention to detailEnsure that all the spelling in your sales funnel copy is correct, paying attention to every single spelling detail is worth its weight in gold. A sales funnel copy with simply one misspelled word can be significantly detrimental to both the trust and credibility you try to build with your potential customers.


Try implementing all or some of these tips next time you are crafting your sales copy and most likely you should be able to see a difference in the effectiveness of the sales copy. Don’t forget to tailor each of these tips for your specific business and situation, specifically the Checklist.

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