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At Your Social Voice we love and respect the Network Marketing Industry, and we were able to speak with two industry leaders to find out from them what makes Social Media Network Marketing one of the main keys to growing your business;

1) How do you see social media being relevant for modern network marketers?

2) Whats your favourite social media platform?

3) Whats your strategy for posting on social media?

4) Whats your 1 piece of advice regarding social media for network marketers?

But first a few words on Social Media for Network Marketers from the world’s leader, Eric Worre.


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Ray Higdon on Social Media Network Marketing

1. Almost all network marketers have social media accounts. It’s important to know what to do but even more important to know what NOT to do as it affects the public perception of you and your company.

2. I still like FB as the most engaging and interactive and place we’ve recruited the most reps.

3. I post value via blogs and or videos to solve the problems of my target market and I also post curiosity posts to ask questions or get people to reach out to me.

4. Look at it as a way to share your journey and provide value vs just Hail Mary your sales or company page and hope for a sale or signup.



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Dave Nelson on Social Media Network Marketing


1. Social media is a huge part of our business as it now represents our brand and lifestyle and can be used as a great attraction marketing tool (who wouldn’t love people coming and approaching them to join) as well as a great way to recruit and expand the network and connect with millions of people.. It’s a complete game changer!! However the human element will always be the end goal and most powerful.. But this creates a bigger funnel to meet more people!

2. My favourite is facebook because you can chat live, they can stalk your wall and Suss you out which builds trust!!

3. My strategy is not to be a mlm spamming pest, I am more subtle and prefer to create some intrigue behind what I do and let my lifestyle sell itself, but I don’t mind the odd product push every now and then!!

4. My main advice is accept the process, build your brand with the long term in mind, build relationships, don’t be too salesy and pushy and meet as many people as you can! Oh and if you can get people sharing your posts it makes building a following easier (if you have a business page which I recommend setting up and building for the long term).

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