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Social Media Today, what are the benefits?

The world of social media is constantly changing and evolving. One of them

being the way we as consumers and buyers interact with brands and

products. A lot of this behavior is influenced by our changing society, one of

those changes being social media.

Word of mouth, lets talk about that…

As you probably know, word of mouth has been and is one of the most

essential marketing tools. Before advertisement existed (as there were no

billboards, televisions, radios, or even papers) consumers only learn about

certain products and services through people – ‘word of mouth.’ As time

progressed, technology improved and lets face it, we became a little bit more

intelligent, the use of the Internet made things slightly easier.

As the Internet developed and progressed, social media followed suit, taking

things to a new level. Brands formed a major role on social media sites and

consumers were given an extra platform to research products or services

through social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and

Instagram to name a few. Not only do brands have a way to expose, share

and create their own presence online, but also consumers have quick access

to millions of networks where thoughts, reviews and recommendations are

easily accessible. The power of word of mouth makes the consumer more

influential, which consequently effects consumer behavior. Having a weak or

absent social media presence can be somewhat detrimental to the success of

a brand or service today.

You want to be part of a brand just speak up!

Social media plays a major role in establishing a strong connection between

businesses and buyers. As there are now more platforms available then there

was prior to social media it is easier for brands and businesses to

communicate with consumers more frequently and on a more personal level.

Consumers are now, more then ever a part of a brand, due to the increase in

the level of communication. Advertising and incentives such as competition,

contests and prizes are used on social media in order to endorse brands and

entice consumer buying. The increase in consumer involvement with brands,

means consumers can now connect with the identity of brands they like and

are able to endorse brands with their own engagement. Consumers are more

likely to become and remain loyal to the brands they love most thanks to

social media and these unique avenues of communication and involvement.

It really is so easy to engage!

Social media is one of the best places for companies and businesses to

engage and connect with consumers, but this is not all it is great for. Social

media profiles and blogs can serve as a portal or information board for

companies to release important information to consumers. Companies and

businesses can use social media to keep consumers in the know constantly.

Information such as product releases, sale announcements, instructions and

simple information such as store location, hours, and contact information can

be shared on business and brands’ social media pages. This makes it

conveniently easy for consumers to keep informed and up to date about the

products and services and enables quick and easy engagement with the

brand, and to top it all off, social media pages can drive traffic to a specific

website! Win win!

See the entertaining 3 minute video below, which will give you a more

thorough look into brands, and how easy it is for consumers to become

involved in endorsing a brand! This will give you more of an insight into how to use

Social Media Today

Written by Regan Frugtniet – Your Social Voice

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