TERMINATE Bad Sales – Why you need a Facebook Messenger Bot

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Nowadays it is common to hear about Bots, however not many people are familiar with the true powers of these digital minions. In its most basic form, a Bot can be defined as something that automates a process or task. Bots are more common than you think in our everyday lives, virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s home assistant can all be considered bots. The reasons as to why implement Messenger Bots in your business and how to implement them will be discussed below:


  • Problems and Questions don’t work 9-5Customers’ questions and problems can arise at any given time and ideally your business should be able to provide solutions and/or answers sooner rather than later. By utilising Bots, 24/7 Assistance can be provided to your customers and this is of great value since 46% of people want businesses to answer their questions 24/7.


  • More Bots More Free TimeBots can be really helpful at reducing the amount of countless hours you spend personally answering routine customer questions. The hours you spend dealing with customer inquiries can be redirected towards more important areas your business.


  • Messenger vs. EmailAnother factor that makes Messenger Bots an attractive option is the fact that open rates for Facebook Messenger messages range from 80 to 100%. In addition, click through rates for messenger messages vary from 30-50%. Comparing messenger’s open and click through rates with the rates of conventional digital communication channels such as Email, it is clear to see that sending messages through Messenger Bots is drastically more efficient at generating both awareness and leads.


  • The True Power of Bots The true power of Messenger Bots lies in their ability to capture leads and get subscribers. Every single person that messages the Bot you have integrated in your Facebook page, will automatically be placed in a captioned database. Once they are placed in the database you will be able to send them messages, broadcasts, or updates of your other social media profiles at any given time through messenger. This function is extremely useful when it comes to cross-selling and promoting product updates.


  • Implementing Messenger Bot In the digital environment, Messenger Bots can be integrated to either your website or your Facebook Page. Messenger Bots add a high degree of interaction, which is deeply appreciated by customers, to your FAQ page. A QR Messenger code print out or sticker is the key to implementing your Messenger Bots in a physical environment such as a Brick and Mortar store.


  • Bot Building ToolsThe 2 main tools we recommend to build Bots are ManyChat and Chatfuel. These 2 Bot building platforms are very efficient at constructing Bots, we recommend you get the pro versions of these website so as to remove their branding from your bots.


It is important to acknowledge that not all business models are perfectly compatible with Bots and the only way to determine the suitability of messenger bots with your business is through testing and measuring. As previously mentioned, Bots have the capability of significantly benefiting your business in various ways so make sure to start implementing them and make the most out of these digital minions!

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