The Entrepreneurial Mindset

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When you think of an Entrepreneur, who’s the first person that comes to mind? Richard Branson? Elon Musk? maybe even Billy McFarland?. In case you missed it, Billy McFarland was the mastermind behind the infamous Fyre festival. Even though Billy can be considered an “entrepreneur”, he’s probably not the role model you want to follow if you have entrepreneurial aspirations. Believe it or not, having an entrepreneurial mindset isn’t just suitable for entrepreneurs. The positive qualities from this specific type of mindset can really help you with your daily challenges.

What are these qualities? 🤔

Well the main quality of an entrepreneurial mind is that it manages to frequently overcome adversity by constantly being in a problem-solving state. The other quality present this specific type of mindset is the ability to be on the lookout for opportunities 24/7.

Now that you know what makes a mindset truly entrepreneurial, you may be wondering what mental activities or habits you can implement into your daily routine in order to develop the entrepreneurial qualities of your mindset. The first activity or habit we recommend you jump straight into is to get out of your comfort zone. How may you achieve this? It can be as simple as ditching your home office or usual workplace and starting to work in spaces where you haven’t worked before such as a park or a cafe you’ve never been to before. The thing you want to keep in mind is to go to environments that inspire and spark creativity. The further away you get from your comfort zone, the more you will start to think differently and look at things from another perspective.

The next recommended activity may sound simple but it will definitely work your brain and get your creative juices flowing. All you have to is write down four new creative ideas on a piece of paper each day, that’s it. These four new ideas may be content related, potential inventions, add-ons for your products or add-ons for products in the marketplace, it’s up to you, the main objective of this activity is to stimulate your creativity and to test your problem solving skills. Additionally, implementing this activity into your daily routine will condition you to constantly be able to identify opportunities.

Lastly, a critical component of an entrepreneurial mindset is the ability to determine which problems to solve first. The best way you can go about approaching this is to familiarize yourself with the theory of constraints. The theory of constraints can be explained by picturing a garden hose with many kinks affecting the flow of the water. Even though the hose has a lot of kinks, there is only one major kink that is really stopping the water from running and this is the problem you must address first.  If you use this approach to tackle your business’ problems, identifying and dealing correctly with problems will become a lot easier.

If you are on the path to becoming an entrepreneur or you already are one but need help with marketing your business or acquiring new clients then don’t hesitate to message us, we are always happy to help. 🙂

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