The Fundamentals of Successful Facebook Ads (2019 Edition)

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Now, let’s compare starting your journey with Facebook Ads as driving a car, once you get the hang of the foundations and basics of driving a car, you can pretty much drive ANY car, right?! It’s similar when talking about Facebook Ads, once you immerse yourself into understanding the basics, you [should] be able to generate successful ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Today on the blog we wanted to give you some key factors that will come in handy next time you may be looking at your Ads Manager feeling a little lost.  

  • NOC Method – The NOC Method contains the three building blocks of generating digital quality ads. In this method the N refers to the Niche, which basically is your target audience. The O stands for Offer, which is the product or service you want to provide. The last part of this method refers to Copy, which comes to be the main text in your Ad.
  • Niche –  You may be asking how to approach finding your Niche for your Facebook Ad campaign. The easiest way to find your audience is through audience insights. If you are not familiar with this tool, it is easily accessible through Facebook Ads Manager once you create a campaign. You need to find out who you are speaking to so you can tailor your ads to their preferences and ensure your hard-earned marketing dollars are resulting in you actually reaching your target market who are interested in what you have to offer!
  • Offer – Now when referring to the offer we can be referring to TWO things here. When you’re actually setting up your ads there is a ‘Campaign Objective’ and this is what this can be referred to as well, Facebook is going to ask you what you want people to do when they see your ads. In addition, this is what you’re actually offering to your niche!
  • Copy – This is the part where you can get creative. You need to be able to put everything previously mentioned into words and really select your words carefully if you want to grab peoples’ attention! Caution: this step may not may be as easy as it sounds. Writing good copy can really be an art!

Start with the NOC method and you’ll have a good foundation to beginning to build your ads over various social media platforms. Keep your eye on the prize and if you ever feel like you are stuck, remember the old the NOC Method!

If you want to chat more about the NOC method and how we can help you implement it, be sure to click contact us and we’ll have a chat!

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