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Throw out 🗑 Facebook Ads that don’t spark JOY! 🙏✨

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Kim Marie Kondo

Your Facebooks Ads Manager contains a lot of information that needs to be organised in order to be interpreted properly, if you are not careful, your Ads manager can end up looking like the standard house in an episode of hoarders. Now close your eyes and try to picture the total opposite of a hoarder….Marie Kondo pops straight into your head right? Well today we will show you how to tidy up your Facebook Ads Manager according to the teachings of Miss Kondo:

So the main thing you are going to want to focus on to keep your ads manager organised, is the naming convention you use. Think carefully about the wording you use to name your ads and your campaigns, as the naming is what is able to give you a snapshot of the content in a matter of seconds. If you understand your naming conventions perfectly, it will be much easier to navigate through your ads manager and locate key figures or insights you need. For example, if you add elements such as male, female, or age bracket, you can see at a drop of a hat which audience is working and which one isn’t. This allows you to make the right changes and to optimise your ad expenditure. Another useful tip that is tied to naming conventions is using “pipes” when naming your ads. For example, it is much easier and quicker to read Certified Ballers|Video|Per,Syd,Melb than CertifiedBallersVideoPerthSydneyMelbourne.

Another important part of keeping your ads manager neat and tidy, is the structure of your campaigns. Having a structured layout of your campaigns in ads manager means that it should be very easy to identify the content you’re running, the leads you’re generating, and the most simple and effective way to relate to them. The structure of your campaigns is also closely tied to your naming convention because if you choose the right naming convention, it should enhance your campaign structure.

Your ads themselves also play a key role in organising your ads manager. The majority of Facebook ads can be boiled down into 3 components: A Headline,  An Image and A Call-to-action. Therefore, these 3 things and any variations of them should be clearly described in your ads’ names.

Follow our tips and we can guarantee you that your ads manager will be looking nicer and it will spark joy every time you open it instead of sparking that stress bomb that has been building up since Monday morning. If you  feel like the results your business is generating aren’t sparking joy in you, then don’t hesitate to message us, we are always happy to help. 🙂

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