Top 5 Facebook Ads you should be using

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Facebook Ads manager will present you with many different ad types which may seem more than useful, but you must pick your ad type wisely. This is why, today we present you with the 5 different types of Facebook Ads you should definitely be familiar with before launching a campaign;

1. Conversion Ads – This type of ad is all about capturing conversions. With conversion campaigns, you can tell Facebook where you want your traffic to be directed to. This specific finishing point can take many forms, it can be a lead, a sale or an ‘add to cart’. Make sure to clearly establish your finishing point as Facebook will use its algorithm to find the people that are most likely to reach your desired finishing point. We highly recommend using this type of ad as much as you can.

2. Lead Generation Ads – Also known as a lead ad, this type of ad allows you to capture a client’s name, email and phone number without them having to leave the platform (Facebook). With this ad, obtaining all the contact information is just a touch away. Facebook will “pre-fill” the contact form with the information that is saved within the user profile. Something worth noting with this type of ad is the quality of the leads you will obtain. Since most people don’t live under a rock and probably created their Facebook profiles back when they were in high school, it is highly likely their contact information is outdated and isn’t their current primary contact information. Consequently, the leads may not be of the best quality.

3. Video Views Ads – This type of ad is essential when it comes to building an audience that is genuinely interested in the content you post. Video view ads work by bidding on different watch times for your videos. For example, you can bid to obtain 2-second views on your videos, so Facebook uses the good old algorithm once again in order to find the people that are most likely to watch your video for only 2 seconds. Since a 2-second view is a mere Instagram scroll, we suggest you bid for the 10-second views as it likely that people are genuinely interested in your content if watching for a long-time period.

4. Post Engagement Ads – Back in the day this type of ad was also known as boosting. This type of ad will really help in getting you a higher amount of comments, likes and shares on your page posts.

5. Traffic Ads – This type of ad can come in handy when you are not getting conversions or your audience is too small. Traffic ads drive people to your website or a landing page, you can then calculate what your conversion rate is and how you can improve it. Another name for this type of ad is Website Clicks.

Now that we have covered the top 5 Facebook Ads you have the option of using, the amount you spend on each ad type can really make a difference. Firstly, make sure automatic budget optimisation is turned off in your Facebook Ads Manager. We strongly recommend using the guided creation view when creating your new campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. We understand ads budget will not be the same for every business, so the best tip we can give you is to have your budget prepared and plan out how much you are willing to spend on each ad type. Here are some simple but very useful tips that can serve as a guideline during your ads creation process:

  • Be willing to pay more for Lead and Conversion ads than for Traffic, Post Engagement or Video Views ads.
  • Website Clicks should generally be less than $2.
  • Engagements ads should be less than 50 cents,
  • 10-second video views should be less than 10 cents,
  • Lead generation ads vary anywhere from $10-50
  • The cost of Conversion ads will strongly vary depending on what you are asking people to do.

We hope these tips and guidelines can help you out when it comes to creating your new campaigns. If you are interested in learning more about Facebook Ads or you are still not sure about which Ad type to use and how much to spend, then just give us a call or slide into our DMs on our Instagram or Facebook page. The team here at Your Social Voice will be happy to help you.

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