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Are you a business owner; an expert in your field and you want to grow your influence and command a loyal audience who love your ‘stuff’?

Are you an influencer on social? Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, influence is something that we subconsciously crave for; for people to respect us as thought leaders and authority in what we do.
In this article, you’ll uncover and walk away with these two tools that will help build your social media relationships and influence.

1. Using To Find Influencers Social Blade To Identify and vet influencers

To connect with influencers, use to quickly and conveniently to carry out a simple search inside the tool. To put it simply, the tool helps you conveniently discover and connect with influencers who look forward to working with the world’s best brands, agencies and influencers. You can think of it as a massive database of influencers for almost any niche you can think of under the sun. the great thing about this tool, is that its free to use until you start contacting over 30 influencers per month. is toddler-easy to use, if you have ‘googled’ anything on Google, then you’re on.

Simply type the category or industry in the search bar and hit the ‘Search’ button, and wait for the search results to return your input.

The search results will return a list of influencers who are in the platform according to your niche.

Keep in mind, you can further sort these influencers based on age, number of instragram followers, analytics engagement rate, location and many other metrics or filter criterias. To furher sort the influencers, click on the ‘Advanced Search’ tab, then sort as you see fit based on your preference.

Just so you know, you are not just limited to Instagram, you can also search based on the influencer’s presence on other social channels, for instance, you can also search for the influencer presence on Pinterest, YouTube and or including their own blog(if they have a blog). Simply, use the select the appropriate boxes on the ‘Advanced Search’ tab.

For better results, always strive to go for influencers with a strong blog presence for SEO and link-building purposes. In additon, it is wise for you to carefully scrutinize their social media channels to determine how strong their influence is amongst their audience.
Furhermore, to seprate the wheat from the chaff, by this I mean influencers with ton of followers yet no real engageement, try using the ‘Google Analytics Visitors/month’ metric; use 10,000+ visitors/month on Google Analytics & 5% minimum engagement rate.

2. Social Blade To Identify and vet influencers

So what’s next, you ask?….

Now onto the second tool, Social Blade; using this tool, you will now identify potential influencers or partners by vetting them. Social Blade is a free influencer data reporting tool that gives deeper insights into the stats of the influencer or partner you intend to do business with.

Below is an illustration on how to use Social Blade. You select from the drop-down menu which social channel (YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter etc) you want to use to search and vet an influencer.
Next, type the username of the influencer or partner you want to search and vet in the search bar and hit the search icon.

In this case, we have selected ‘Instagram’ from the drop-down menu as the social channel or network we want to dig a little deeper about the influencer or partner. We have selected an influencer from the search results on tool and typed it on the search bar(as shown below).

Below is an illustration of an influencer profile from the search results we had generated earlier from At the top of the profile of the influencer, you see the stats and rank of the influencer, which is basically, a grading based on the influencer’s rate of engagement and the number of following he has.

Below is a breakdown of the instagram stats, showing the week over week number of the followers for this particular influencer, increase (or decrease), including the number of people this particular influencer is following and other mentions in the media.

The final step, at the very bottom of the search results, you will see a chart showing the follower growth rate of the influencer over a period of almost 2 and half years. The key thing to look out for is a natural growth curve, with no rapid spikes in the number of followers. On the other hand, if you see a rapid or sudden spike in the number of followers, then there is a good chance that the followers were bought. Obviously, some influencers can still buy followers gradually to create an illusion of a natural growth of followers, but this is rare.

In this case, this influencer got a C+, thus we can conclude the assumption that his followers are authentic or genuine and that he didn’t buy the followers given the near natural growth curve at the bottom of the profile on the chart.

You should have in mind that the data represented on Social Blade is not 100% accurate, as not all influencers will have enough data to reflect on the tool, and also a delay in data reflecting on the tool, as it’s also not a real-time data aggregation and synethesizing.

And that’s all for now! These two tools- and Social Blade. Hopefully, this will help you build your list of solid and reputable social media influencers who you can partner with to accelerate the growth of your business. Keep in mind, every niche is different.

Please let me knnow your thoughts by commenting and also it would mean the world to me if you share this with your tribe 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence and reminder to get stuck into both these tools! We’ve been registered with a few other influencer sites but these two had slipped through the net. Our experience to date is even with a low influencer profile, it’s still good to be registered as each platform can see your growth and when the time is right, people will reach out regardless of the size of your following if they feel connecting will genuinely be mutually beneficial.

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