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Do you plan to do Facebook Advertising or do Facebook advertising but through Ads Manager?

Either way, if you want to elevate your Facebook Ads Account to a more organized and structured Facebook Ad account(s) with possibilities that will give you a peace of mind and structure in your business, then Business Manager is a platform you must get on.

If you are new to Facebook Advertising and maybe learning the ropes, this article will give you a simple step-by-step walkthrough that will help you to use Business Manager to create your first Facebook Ad.

I know this may sound obvious, but you’d need to have a personal Facebook Profile created if you don’t have one. Creating your ‘Personal Facebook profile’ is the first step. Next step is to create a separate Facebook page for your business. Upon creating your Facebook page for your business, you can now create a Business Manager that will enable you to run Facebook Ads for your page.

Now onto Business Manager, go to Business Manager Home page and click ‘Create Account’ in the upper right area. Using the email and password you used to log into (or email and password you used to setup your Personal Facebook profile) your ‘Personal Facebook profile.’

You will setup your ‘Business Manager account’ by following two simple steps outlined below.
Step 1: Enter your business name on the ‘Create Your Business Manager Account’ page and click ‘continue.’ (As shown below):

When you’ve finished, click ‘Finish.’

Step 2: On this final step, on ‘Create Your Business Profile’ page, enter your business email and click ‘Finish.’(As shown below):

Next, add your Facebook page to your new Business Manager account. On the Business Manager home page, click ‘Add Page.’

In the next window, click ‘Add Page,’ under ‘Add A Facebook Page.’ Next, select your ‘Facebook Page’ and click ‘Add Page.’ Finally, your page is now added to your Business Manager account.

Next, add your Facebook Ad Account. On the home screen of Business Manager, click the ‘Add Ad Account’ button.

In this step, you can either create a ‘new ad account’ or ‘add an existing ad account.’

On the other hand, if you’re creating a new ad account and asked to name your new ad account under the ‘Create New Ad Account’ page, use your business name. Keep in mind that your business name doesn’t appear except to you and the employees you’ve hired to work on Facebook Ad Account(s).

When you’ve finished, click ‘Create Ad Account’ and you’re totally set to start running your Facebook ads on Business Manager.

1. How To Manage Employee Access To Your Facebook Ads Account

To manage your employees’ access including other administrative tasks such as billing information on your Business Manager account, you hop over to ‘Business Settings’ under the ‘Settings’ tab. However, this section is where you give your employees access to your Facebook assets; Facebook pages and Facebook Ad Account.

To open the menu shown below, open Business Manager, and then click on the upper left menu and on the right select ‘Business Settings.’

On the Business Settings page, select ‘People’ under ‘Users’ on the left. On the right, you will see all the names of the people or users you have added. If it’s a Business Manager account, you will be the only user who shows up. To add an employee or someone on your team to manage your Facebook Ads Account, on the ‘People’ column, click the ‘Add’ blue button in the upper right.

Next, the invite people dialog box will appear that will walk you through the settings process you can select to add an employee or someone to your Facebook Ad Account.

To begin, type the email address of the person you want to add to manage your account. Then select which level of access they will; either an ‘Employee Access’ or an ‘Admin Access.’ However, we recommend providing an ‘employee access,’ which gives you the power to grant and limit the pages the person has access to including the level of actions they can take on your account(s).

After you’re done, click ‘Next’ and you will see a page that enables you to grant access to any pages connected to your Business Manager account.

Giving employees an access to your page mean they can manage your page by creating content and sharing that content with your followers thus anyone who visits your page will be able to view the content shared or posted. Giving an employee access to your ad account means that they are able to manage various aspects of your ad accounts that include creating ads, editing the ads, optimizing the ads to achieve the goal or outcome for your business.

When you’re done assign roles or access to an ad account or page, click the ‘invite’ button, and you’ll view a confirmation of your invitation sent to your employee’s email address.

2. Facebook Pixel Installation

For successful and effective Facebook advertising, this is a crucial step to undergo. Without further ado, you will start by installing your Facebook pixel on your website. Although this step is optional, it is far the most effective and efficient way an advertiser on Facebook can benefit through getting great results.

For beginners, you may be asking what’s a Facebook pixel? . It is a simple tracking code that is installed on your website or web pages that allows Facebook to identify the visitors who have visited your website or web pages. This tracking code allows you to create custom audiences of those visitors who have visited your website, and then show ads to them (custom audiences) at a later date. This type of ad is known as retargeting. The Facebook pixel can help you identify and create a list of potential customers based on a similar profile or characteristic of the people who visited your website (also known as a ‘Lookalike Audiences).

To add the Facebook pixel to your website, go to Business Manager and click the menu icon located in the upper left and from the ‘Measure & Report’ column select ‘pixels’ option.

A screen will appear then click the ‘Create a Pixel’ button, then check and confirm the name of your pixel and then click ‘Create’ when you are done. Keep in mind, it’s important that you read and understand Facebook’s terms of service.

It will take a few minutes for Facebook to create your pixel and then show the pixel code to you. When it’s ready, a dialog box with the Pixel Code will show and then you will be presented with three ways you can use to install the pixel code on your website; manual installation, emailing the Pixel code to your developer or using tag manager to install the Pixel code on your website.

In this example, we will show you how to manually install your Pixel Code for yourself. You will do so by clicking the option to manually install the Pixel Code. You will simply copy-paste the Pixel Code into your website’s head tag; simply click ‘Copy Code to Clipboard’ on the screen and then paste on your website’s head tag.

After installing the Pixel Code on your website, it is important for you to test whether it fires properly. How do I do it, you ask? Simply, enter your website address and click ‘Send Test Traffic’ button. The status should be ‘Active’ in several minutes after you’ve installed your Pixel code and it basically shows that your code has been installed successfully. If the status shows ‘No Activity Yet’ after several minutes, then it means there was an issue with your Pixel Code thus there’s an issue and you’d need to find out the issue and fix before you can start running ads on your pixel.

However, if your Pixel Code is firing or working correctly, click the ‘Continue’ button.

The next screen will pop, and on it you can create tracking for events for each web page a visitor or customer visits. An event is simply an action a customer performs on your website; a purchase made by a customer on your website, a thank you page visited by a customer after making a purchase on your website. For instance, you can setup a purchase event pixel on your thank-you page which will help you identify the people who made a purchase on your product-page and those people who visited your product-page casually; didn’t make any purchase.

In this case, you have to know how to setup events such as purchase events with the goal of showing targeted ads to the people who purchased your goods and/ or service. Later on, you can use lookalike audience to expand the range of potential customers who possess the same characteristics and profiles as your current list of customers.
In the Install Pixel Code dialog box, the options of events include Purchase, Complete Registration, View Content, Generate Lead and Add to Cart. Click the toggle next to the event name to view the code, simply copy and add it on your web page, and this is how you will track that particular event.

In the example below, you will see the details that show up for the Purchase event.

Tip: On the Chrome web browser using the Facebook Pixel Helper chrome extension tool, it can show how your pixel is working and how it’s firing or implemented on other pages on your site or even how it is implemented on other websites. This chrome extension can help you to identify both general pixels and event pixels on every site.

When the pixel is insgtalled correctly, you will some activity( as shown below).

3. How To Create Audience To Target Users

On Business Manager, under the ‘Assets’ column, comes Audiences tool, a tool that is used to create and save audiences that are mostly relevant to a brand or business.

When you click on the ‘Audiences’ under ‘Assets’ column, the tool will prompt you to select the type of audience you would want to create: Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience or Saved Audience.

What is the difference between these audiences, you may ask?

A custom audience is an audience that is based on the customers who have taken an action on your business or brand i.e visited a specific page on your website.

A lookalike audience is an audience that is expanded based on the audiences you have for your brand or business. Utilizing Facebook’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Facebook can use the audience (list of your current customer) to match that with the ones with the same characteristics and profile on Facebook’s database. For example, if you are selling a lotion product, and you have a solid list of customers (let’s say 100) customers) who have purchased your lotion product on your website, you can now use the list of 100 customers to ask Facebook to expand the range of audience for you with customers (on their database) who have a higher likelihood of buying a lotion product.

On the other hand, a saved audience is basically an audience who share a particular interest, behavior or demographics.
To create a saved audience, click the ‘Create a Saved Audience’ button and name your audience for identify the group of audience you want to target. Once you have done so, simply create attributes you want for your saved audience.

To create a saved audience, click the ‘Create a Saved Audience’ button and name your audience for identify the group of audience you want to target. Once you have done so, simply create attributes you want for your saved audience.

Besides location, you can target an audience who have a specific set of interests and behavior as well as an audience who fit a certain demographic. When you’re done, click the “Create Audience’ button, then your audience will saved for use later on, when you want to target this audience when you create Facebook ads.

4. How To Create A Facebook Ad From Your Facebook Post

Now let’s jump on the part of ad creation process. You will select the campaign objective; which is the goal or outcome you want your ad to achieve for your brand or business. For instance, do you want more video views, sales or leads generated? You’d need to select an appropriate campaign objective based off of what you want to achieve( We’ll cover this and how to categorize each campaign at three distinct levels using Facebook Ads Manager on our future article).

Let’s get started by opening ‘Ads Manager.’

Head over to the ‘Campaigns’ tab, and click ‘Create.’

Next step, choose an objective for your campaign. It is important to note that the marketing objectives are broken down into the three (3) columns;

1. Awareness: – This is the number of users you want to see your post.

2. Consideration:- The number of people or users who can be interested in your product or service.

3. Conversion:- This is basically getting people to purchase or buy your products or services.

As we said earlier, marketing objectives are based entirely on the goal or outcome you want for brand or business. For example, if you want to sales, then you should select ‘conversion’ as a marketing objective. The marketing objective is entirely up to you. Keep in mind, you have to build trust with your target customers, thus it is vital for you to build brand awareness, especially if your product or service is more expensive. The more expensive your product or service is, the greater the level of trust you brand needs to build through brand awareness.

Next step, after selecting the appropriate campaign objective for your brand or business, you can now go the next level which is to ‘create an adset.’ This is the level where you choose the audience you want to target, including the placement(mobile placement, right-hand column, In-Stream Videos, Instragram, Instant Articles etc), set the budget you want for your ad and schedule the time(you decide the time your ad will be shown).

Keep in mind, placements is where you would want Facebook to show your ads to. For example, if you want Facebook to show your ads to mobile users only, you can only choose ‘mobile news feed’ as a placement.
For the audience part, you can either create and save your audience while setting up your campaign or select from the audience you’ve already created and saved.

After you’re done with selecting your audience, select ‘Edit Placements’ to view different placement options available to you, including different device types; The options include Facebook newsfeed, Instagram and Audience Network on Facebook (which is basically banner ads running on websites that have partnered with Facebook to allow advertisers to display their ads on their site). However, if you’re starting out, we recommend you to focus only on Facebook news feed. You can later, test the other placements.

Here is an example of the placement options you have when creating your campaign and ad. Keep in mind, this also ties to your campaign objective you had previously selected.

Next, determine how much you want to spend for your ads and the time you want your ad to be seen. If you’re starting out and you aren’t sure how much to spend or how you your ad should run, you can start with a low budget of let’s say, $30 and run the ads for at least 5 days and see how it performs based on the results.

After you’re done with the budgeting part, click ‘Continue,’ then create the actual ad that your potential customers will see on Facebook as they scroll their news feed. Select the appropriate Facebook page that represents your business (in case you have multiple Facebook pages). Make sure the Facebook page is associated with your ad for this is important for your ad to start showing on Facebook. If this is your first ad, then select a post you’ve already posted or published on your Facebook page.

Now, to create your ad, click ‘Confirm,’ and every detail for your ad can be viewed from the ‘Ads Manager’ (as shown below). You can also explore each column and the tabs on Ads Manager and Business Manager; this is easiest way for you to understand each tool and functions on Ads Manager and Business Manager.

We know how Facebook advertising can be seemingly intimidating especially to those new in the platform, but like anything in life, you can learn ‘how it works’ and get familiar with the basics so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Starting with the foundation will help you as a business owner to understand the platform better and equip you with the skills and experience to grow your business. As a small business owner, your success lies on understanding the world of social media marketing and applying what you’ve learnt to help grow your business and become profitable. We hope this article has been of great help to you and that you will be successful as a result of it.

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